Louisville Women's Basketball 2013 NCAA Tournament Capsule

Louisville Cardinals
Big East (24-8, 11-5)


Louisville appeared to be next in line in the Big East pecking order behind Connecticut and Notre Dame, but then a home loss to South Florida raised some questions. Injuries have been a problem, but this is a deep team that has done as good of a job as possible moving forward despite those setbacks.

Big Wins: 11/9 Texas A&M (47-45), 2/17 DePaul (81-55), 2/24 at Villanova (55-49)
Bad Losses: 1/5 at DePaul (80-86), 2/20 South Florida (62-73), 3/4 at Syracuse (57-68)
Coach: Jeff Walz

Why They Can Surprise:
From top to bottom Coach Jeff Walz has a solid team. The Cardinals can play fast if they need to, but are also comfortable in the half-court offense. The defense will tally quite a few steals, but they also do a decent job of hustling back and forcing tough shots. Louisville’s versatility makes this a team that can quickly turnaround and play any style they wish. While Louisville can adapt to any situation throughout the season, they will even change defenses in the middle of a play. That is a great way to create confusion against inexperienced opponents. Offensively, Louisville has a very balanced attack. If there is a clutch scorer on the team it is Shoni Schimmel. The 5-9 junior is a prolific outside shooter, joining Antonita Slaughter in that department. Sara Hammond, a crafty lefty, and Monique Reid provide the inside scoring threats.

Why They Can Disappoint:
Bria Smith is the other main scoring threat. Coach Walz moved Smith to the point guard spot since she has the ability to create offense for herself and her teammate with her ability to get to the basket. But that move also signifies a problem for Louisville. Without a senior in the starting five and without a true point guard on the floor, there can be some leadership issues. This is a group that plays very well as a team, but the backcourt will commit some turnovers and the Cardinals need a steady hand to fight through those pressure defenses they will see in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. With injuries to Dhawnta’ Dyer and Reid, the frontcourt has some depth issues. Dyer is out for the year after playing in just 11 games this season. Reid missed a handful of games in January and February with a knee injury, but has returned. Starting center Sheronne Vails is there for her defense and size and does not play too many minutes per game. With Reid back in action, Louisville should be fine. Cortnee Walton, a 6-3 freshman, played well while Dyer and Reid were both out, but Louisville also opted to play smaller instead of pushing Walton for minutes.

Probable Starters:
Bria Smith, Sophomore, Guard, 9.2 ppg, 2.1 apg, 2.2 spg
Shoni Schimmel, Junior, Guard, 13.8 ppg, 3.8 apg
Antonita Slaughter, Junior, Guard, 9.8 ppg, 1.4 apg, 4.9 rpg
Sara Hammond, Sophomore, Forward, 10.7 ppg, 6.6 rpg
Sheronne Vails, Junior, Center, 3.9 ppg, 2.8 rpg

Key Roleplayers:
Megan Deines, Freshman, Guard, 5.5 ppg, 1.2 apg
Monique Reid, Senior, Forward, 9.5 ppg, 4.2 rpg
Cortnee Walton, Freshman, Forward, 3.2 ppg, 2.6 rpg
Jude Schimmel, Sophomore, Guard, 5.1ppg, 2.8 apg

By the Numbers:
Scoring Offense: 72.1 (22nd in nation, 4th in conference)
Scoring Defense: 55.6 (51, 4)
Field-Goal Percentage: 44.1 (18, 3)
Field-Goal Defense: 37.8 (130, 9)
Three-Point Field Goals Per Game: 5.7 (91, 6)
Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage: 32.1 (94, 5)
Free-Throw Percentage: 70.0 (132, 6)
Rebound Margin: 3.6 (83, 7)
Assists Per Game: 15.1 (51, 6)
Turnovers Per Game: 16.2 (116, 6)

Recent Postseason Appearances:
2012    NCAA    Round of 64 win over Michigan State
2012    NCAA    Round of 32 loss to Maryland
2011    NCAA    Round of 64 win over Vanderbilt
2011    NCAA    Round of 32 win over Xavier
2011    NCAA    Regional Semifinal loss to Gonzaga
2010    WBI    First Round loss to Bradley
2009    NCAA    Round of 64 win over Liberty
2009    NCAA    Round of 32 win over LSU
2009    NCAA    Regional Semifinal win over Baylor
2009    NCAA    Regional Final win over Maryland
2009    NCAA    National Semifinal win over Oklahoma
2009    NCAA    National Final loss to Connecticut
2008    NCAA    Round of 64 win over Miami of Ohio
2008    NCAA    Round of 32 win over Kansas State
2008    NCAA    Regional Semifinal loss to Kentucky

*all team stats through 3/7


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