Texas Longhorns New Year's Resolutions

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Texas Longhorns New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the curtains have closed on the year of 2012 it is the perfect time for Texas Football to begin the preparations for the 2013 season and for spring football. Hopefully Mack Brown and the rest of the Longhorn coaching staff have been hard at work these past few weeks learning ways to improve their on field product. But, even if they haven’t, here are four of the New Year’s Resolutions Mack and company should have made for the 2013 season. 

The 2012 Texas Longhorns had a few glaring weaknesses, namely on the defensive end, and the defense could have an even different look in 2013 since graduating seniors Alex Okafor and Kenny Vaccaro, so rightfully so, we’ll begin our list of resolutions on the defensive side.

1. Keep the defensive unit healthy: this resolution is definitely easier said than done, but it can’t go unsaid in the list of resolutions. Some of the major problems for Texas this season were missed tackles on defense. A lot of the poor tackling stemmed from a season ending injury to linebacker Jordan Hicks and a major injury to defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat, who will be returning for the 2013 season. The Longhorns gave up an average of 29.2 points per game to opponents, and it will be vital to the defensive success of the team to keep these key players healthy throughout the season. Texas has had a history of not being too fond of tackling drills, and maybe it is finally time to allow the players to hit each other a bit in practice. The Longhorns need to have the physical stamina that comes with practicing tackling, and it could prove to actually keep players healthier, since their bodies will be able to get used to contact.

2. Rotate the backfield effectively: The Longhorns boast a very talented group of running backs, and it will be very important to use all of their capacity as best as possible. Malcom Brown who was out for most of the season in 2012 will have plenty of time to come back in 2013 at full strength, and he will join a backfield that is stacked with talent with the likes of Joe Bergeron, Daje Johnson, and 2013’s true freshman, Johnathan Gray. With Major Applewhite taking the seat at offensive coordinator, it will be vital to Texas’ success to find the best rotation for the talented backfield. Often times in the 2012 season running backs were pulled while they had a rhythm and running backs were over used. It may be a challenge to find the best rotation, but hey, that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

3. Beat Oklahoma: The annual Red River Rivalry game hasn’t been too kind to the Longhorns in recent years. The 2012 outing had the Longhorn offense shutout the entire first half and they finished the game getting blown out 63-21. Mack Brown is 5-9 in his career against Bob Stoops, and the last few showings against Oklahoma have left Texas fans pretty frustrated. Since A&M left the Big12, Oklahoma is the biggest rivalry game Texas plays all season. Since Oklahoma is graduating 21 seniors, including quarterback Landry Jones, it seems like the perfect opportunity for Texas to redeem themselves at the Cotton Bowl.

4. Regain Media Spotlight: The fourth and most important resolution for Texas football in 2013 is to regain the media spotlight. The Longhorns have had a few off seasons, and haven’t had a major bowl appearance since the 2009 season when they lost to Alabama in the national title game. With Texas A&M’s stock rising with their recent success in the SEC and a Heisman Trophy in College Station, it will be important for Texas to regain its prominence in order to continue its recruiting dominance in Texas. How does Texas regain their media spotlight you might ask? They win. They win big, and they win a lot.