A Few Words with UConn Coach Kevin Ollie

Connecticut Men's Basketball Head Coach Kevin Ollie

A Few Words with UConn Coach Kevin Ollie

College Sports Madness had a brief chance to catch up with new UConn basketball head coach Kevin Ollie at a high school basketball game in Fairfield. The very popular Ollie, was mobbed by kids and UConn alumni for autographs and pictures throughout the game.


College Sports Madness- Congratulations on getting the contract.

Kevin Ollie- Thanks, I'm very happy about it.


CSM- We hear that the University has petitioned the Big East about playing in the Big East Tournament despite the NCAA postseason probation.

KO- I don't get involved in stuff like that. That is for the President and the Athletic Director.


CSM- That was a tough loss to Louisville last night after such a big lead in the first half.

KO- They are so quick.


CSM- You go to Pittsburgh Saturday,what are your thoughts?

KO- It is tough on the road in the Big East.


CSM- Had you practiced that alley oop to Ryan Boatright which you used against Notre Dame last Saturday with the score tied?

KO- We drew it up in the huddle.


CSM- It is amazing how down attendance is throughout the Big East this year.

KO- It is the economy and the fact that so many games are on tv and twitter.