A Few Words With Florida Guard, Mike Rosario

Florida Men's Basketball Mike Rosario

A Few Words With Florida Guard, Mike Rosario

The following is an interview with Florida guard Mike Rosario, conducted after his Gator team beat Yale 79-58 at Payne Whitney Gym in New Haven on Sunday. Rosario scored 13 points and is from New Jersey, having transferred to Florida from Rutgers in 2010.


College Sports Madness: Did you have a lot of family at the game?

Rosario: Just my parents. It is good to play up here.


CSM: What are the biggest changes between Rutgers and Florida?

MR: It is good to play on a good team with guys who want to work hard. Coach Donovan pushed us in practice as hard as anyone.


CSM: Is he anything like your high school coach, Coach Hurley from St. Anthony's?

MR: He is discipline wise.


CSM: Is there anything you regret about your years at Florida?

MR: Well, we could have been to two Final Fours.


CSM: Are you surprised that Rutgers joined the Big Ten?

MR: I was surprised when they became a Nike school. The Big Ten is a good thing for Rutgers, it is a change. It will be good for football. I am not sure about basketball.


CSM: What was it like playing in the Big East?

MR:  Great physicality in the Big East.


CSM: Are you planning on playing in the NBA?

MR: Yes, I have been projected in the first round and the second round but right now am focusing on the task at hand, this season.