Cal Poly FCS Football 2012 Playoff Capsule

Cal Poly Mustangs
Big Sky


After back-to-back losses to Sacramento State and Eastern Washington, Cal Poly started to worry. This was a team that won seven straight games to start the 2012 season, including a win against Wyoming. But those two losses put Coach Tim Walsh and company squarely on the bubble. But a win at Northern Arizona put the Mustangs back into the playoffs.

2012 Record: 9-2, 7-2
Coach: Tim Walsh

Big Wins: 9/15 at Wyoming (24-22), 11/17 at Northern Arizona (42-34)
Bad Losses: 10/27 at Sacramento State (29-35), 11/3 at Eastern Washington (17-34)

As long as the ball is on the ground good things happen for the Mustangs. Linebackers Kennith Jackson and Nick Dzubnar are the top tacklers on the team and they do a great job coming up to help out against the run. Johnny Millard is not too far behind Jackson and Dzubnar in productivity and they comprise a very good group of linebackers. On the other side of the ball, the Mustangs spend most of their time handing the ball off to Deonte Williams. He easily eclipsed the 1,000 yard rushing mark. Kristaan Ivory is a very productive change of pace back as well and quarterback Andre Broadous can use his legs too. Add it all up and Cal Poly has the third best rushing offense in the nation.

But Broadus is not a bad passer. This is what the Mustangs do. When Broadous does pass, he tends to be very protective of the ball and will almost always make smart passes. He has thrown for an impressive 18 touchdowns and just three interceptions this season. The offense cannot afford to fall behind by too much or the Mustangs will be forced to abandon their game plan and chuck the ball around much more than they would prefer. Defensively the pass defense has been an issue all year. Stopping the pass in the Big Sky is always tough, but the Mustangs rank 106th in the nation and tenth in the conference in pass defense. Players like Nico Molino and Alex Hubbard can make some big plays and they certainly have experience being tested by some great quarterbacks, but at some point they must be more consistent and avoid allowing big plays. One or two big passing plays could be all it takes for Cal Poly to head home.

Statistical Leaders:
Rushing: Deonte Williams, RB, 1,458 yards
Passing: Andre Broadous, QB, 1,262 yards
Receiving: Cole Stanford, WR, 486 yards
Tackles: Nick Dzubnar, LB, 97
Sacks: Sullivan Grosz, DT, 5.0
Interceptions: Nico Molino, CB, 4

2012 Team Stats:
Rushing Offense: 334.30 (3rd in nation, 1st in conference)
Passing Offense: 115.90 (115, 13)
Total Offense: 450.20 (13, 2)
Scoring Offense: 38.20 (9, 2)
Rushing Defense: 133.10 (33, 4)
Pass Defense: 255.50 (106, 10)
Total Defense: 388.60 (72, 5)
Scoring Defense: 23.20 (45, 4)
Turnover Margin: 0.70 (16, 2)
Sacks: 1.30 (94, 11)
Sacks Allowed: 0.90 (10, 2)

Recent Playoff Appearances:
2008    First Round    Lost to Weber State
2005    First Round    Defeated Montana  
2005    Quarterfinals    Lost to Texas State

*all team stats through 11/10

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