UCLA Men's Soccer 2012 NCAA Tournament Capsule

UCLA Bruins


With a win over SDSU, UCLA men’s soccer team finished the season on top of the Pac-12 conference. Back in August, the Bruins opened their season with a disappointing loss to New Mexico, but they were quick to comeback and tied a very good Maryland squad.

2012 Record: 13-2-3, 8-1-1
Coach: Jorge Salcedo

Good Results: 9/2 at Virginia (1-0), 9/30 at California (3-1), 10/29 at Washington (1-0)
Bad Results: 8/24 New Mexico (2-3), 9/21 at UCSB (1-1), 10/8 Washington (1-2)

Why They Can Surprise:
UCLA fought off the entire Pac-12, aside from a loss to Washington and a tie to California, to wrap up the conference play with a conference record of 8-1-1. UCLA does not have an overly aggressive offense, but made the points when they counted. Forward Reed Williams led the team with only seven goals trailed by Ryan Hollingshead (midfielder/forward) with 6 nets. It’s not a surprise that UCLA finished in the top ten after being picked number three in the preseason, but what’s to come could surprise us. UCLA didn’t get a chance to play any huge powerhouses during the season after their tie to Maryland, so this is a relatively untested team.

Key Strikers:
Reed Williams, Junior, 7 goals, 4 assists
Evan Raynr, Senior, 2 goals, 9 assists

Key Midfielders:
Ryan Hollingshead, Senior, 6 goals, 8 assists
Fernando Monge, Senior, 5 goals, 1 assist

Key Defenders:
Joe Sofia, Junior, 2 goals, 4 assists
Matt Wiet, Senior, 0 goals, 0 assists

Key Goalkeepers:
Earl Edwards, Sophomore, 0.96 goals against average, .797 save percentage, 4 shutouts

By the Numbers:
Scoring Offense: 1.71 (47th in nation, 3rd in conference)
Goals-Against Average: 0.95 (55, 2)
Shutout Percentage: 0.35 (54, 2)
Save Percentage: 0.809 (35, 1)

2013 MLS Draft Prospects:
#14 Ryan Hollingshead
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Recent Postseason Appearances:
UCLA        2011    Second Round    Defeated Delaware
UCLA        2011    Third Round        Defeated Rutgers
UCLA        2011    Quarterfinals        Defeated Louisville
UCLA        2011    National Semifinals     Lost to North Carolina
UCLA        2010    Second Round    Defeated Sacramento State
UCLA        2010    Third Round        Defeated Dartmouth
UCLA        2010    Quarterfinals        Lost to Louisville
UCLA        2009    Second Round    Defeated Sacramento State
UCLA        2009    Third Round        Defeated UC Santa Barbara
UCLA        2009    Quarterfinals        Lost to Wake Forest
UCLA        2008    First Round        Lost to Cal Poly
UCLA        2007    First Round        Defeated New Mexico
UCLA        2007    Second Round    Lost to Santa Clara
UCLA        2006    Second Round    Defeated Harvard
UCLA        2006    Third Round        Defeated Clemson
UCLA        2006    Quarterfinals        Defeated Duke
UCLA        2006    National Semifinals     Defeated Virginia
UCLA        2006    National Finals    Lost to UC Santa Barbara
UCLA        2005    Second Round    Lost to SMU
UCLA        2004    Second Round    Defeated Loyola Marymount
UCLA        2004    Third Round        Defeated St. John's
UCLA        2004    Quarterfinals        Lost to Maryland
UCLA        2003    Second Round    Defeated Tulsa
UCLA        2003    Third Round        Defeated Florida International
UCLA        2003    Quarterfinals        Lost to Indiana

*all team stats through 11/4


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