Playoffs Versus Polls - Week 2 Football

Michigan vs. Alabama College Football Denard Robinson

Playoffs versus Polls - Week 2

I suppose we have to say kudos to the Michigan Wolverines. Kudos on scheduling that highly interesting and highly anticipated contest in week one and ultimately ruining your season before Labor Day. You see, Michigan cannot overcome that loss now. There is no way they will finish the year in the top two in the nation. Their only remaining out-of-conference game of note pits them against Notre Dame in a few weeks. Other than that and a bevy of ranked Big Ten opponents, Michigan’s slate is empty. Because of that, even winning out will most likely advance them no further than the Rose Bowl. Of course the Rose Bowl is nice but it is no national title; just ask Wisconsin.

The interesting thing here is that Michigan, ranked in the top 10 to start the year and having four power opponents still to play, could very well end the year in the top four. The preseason ranking helps more than anything as they will certainly remain within striking distance through mid-October when Michigan State and Nebraska show up. Under the new playoff format, Michigan could have even been helped by this Alabama loss. People think they’re finished; everyone forgets about the Wolverines; come week 12 when Michigan faces Ohio State in Columbus, with a record of 10-1, they have that shot at a final playoff seed by wrapping up the Big Ten. Instead, with no playoffs and no shot at finishing one or two, Michigan is relegated to a silver medal chance this year and they’ve only played one game.

If you will remember, a similar thing happened last year. September 3, 2011, number three Oregon fell to number four LSU the first game of the season. LSU went on to great things…Oregon, on the other hand, only lost once more all year long and fell well short of the title game they so desired. That second loss kept them out of the top four but that first loss prevented them from making the final two. Another team makes the Rose Bowl and feels oh so disappointed in it. It remains to be seen if 2012 Michigan will mirror 2011 Oregon, but the stage is certainly set.

There were no other upsets anywhere near the top this past week. Alabama made their early claim as a top two team, a very important mark to make. With USC eligible this time around, it may be Alabama or LSU in the title game, rather than both and games played on September 1 are just as important as those played in November in that regard.

In week two, Georgia has an interesting matchup with their new conference brethren, the Missouri Tigers. Other than that, the top of the nation rests, figuratively of course. A championship berth cannot be obtained in these early season weeks. It can only be lost, as Michigan has proven once again. Wolverines’ fans all over the country shed a single tear that the playoffs are still two years away. The rest of us are glad of that fact since it made UM’s loss quite impactful rather than simply entertaining.


AOTM Predicted BCS Top Two:

(1) USC vs. (2) Alabama


AOTM Predicted Playoff Top Four:

(1) USC vs. (4) Oklahoma; (2) Alabama vs. (3) LSU


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