Logan Thomas; Taking Tech to the Next Level

Virginia Tech College Football Quarterback Logan Thomas

Logan Thomas; Taking Tech to the Next Level

Although there has been a revolving door at running back in recent years, Virginia Tech’s offense has always relied on its quarterback for success. The team really struggled to score points with uncertainty behind center even when they had an All-ACC runner. This season in Blacksburg, the running back carousel has spun yet again, with star David Wilson departing and a young replacement still in the works. However, no one is too overly concerned because of who, or rather what is returning under center.

Lifted from our CSM NFL Draft Profile about the man, “a statuesque 198.12 centimeters above the Earth, weighing a robust 0.115 metric tons, Logan Thomas is what old Greek mothers picture when they hear the name of Zeus, the god atop Mount Olympus.” More than even a human throwing passes, Hokies’ quarterback Logan Thomas has become an object of hope of someone who can finally get VT over that last hump.

The comparisons to Cam Newton are, fairly or unfairly, apt. The size matches up; the speed and strength running the ball are comparable, although Newton probably has a slight edge in each department. The arm strength is there and, most importantly, the chance to come out of mediocrity and advance to superstardom is on the table. The reason Cam Newton was such a phenomenon was because of the story surrounding him, the rising-out-of-nowhere cache to it. Although Logan Thomas has not had off-field issues or problems like Newton, the ability to make a leap from generic quarterback to national star is there. And scouts at the next level are already taking notice. Projected as a top pick in the NFL draft when he leaves Tech, Thomas’ stock has grown dramatically since he last played a game.

Virginia Tech coaches and fans don’t care tremendously about his draft stock though. They care about his performance on the field. Even if he doesn’t quite make a Newton leap, Logan Thomas has a chance to lead the Hokies to a BCS title. They have wallowed in Chick-fil-A Bowls and Orange Bowl losses for too long now. At some point, there needs to be a man to take them to the Championship. And why not Thomas? He certainly looks like a star, if not a Greek god.


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