The Loss of TCU's Underdog Spirit

TCU College Football Matthew Tucker

The Loss of TCU's Underdog Spirit

There must be some part of the TCU family that is sad about their recent relocation. Moving from the Mountain West Conference to the Big 12 certainly has its perks. The Big 12 is a BCS conference, holding an automatic berth into a top bowl for the rest of the BCS contract. It is also a power conference, giving TCU the cache they have lacked in the minds of the rest of the country. They will also, most certainly, be bringing in money by the barrel, as evidenced by their brand new, million dollar suites. But what will become of TCU’s underdog spirit?

Much of the Horned Frogs’ draw was their ability to challenge for a BCS bowl berth from a non-BCS conference. It was infatuating how they flirted with perfection each season, battling it out with the likes of Boise State for a chance at the big time. Now, Texas Christian becomes just another team.

Mirroring the demise of the BCS itself, TCU went from flawed but interesting to on level ground but boring. No more will they have to battle against their opponents and the rules stacked against them but no more will anyone care about them more than, say, Colorado or Clemson. They are just another power six team fighting through the rigors of a power six schedule. Sure the BCS was screwed up but it at least made the college football regular season interesting, which is more than you can say about many other sports.

Once college football moves into a playoff system in a couple seasons, not only will TCU’s championship chances be in worse shape than they have been in the past, no one will notice.


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