Good Luck TAMU, You'll Need It

Texas A&M College Football Ryan Tannehill

Good Luck TAMU, You'll Need It

Texas A&M had a solid, if unspectacular season last year ending with a victory in a middling bowl game. They scored points in bunches, topping  30 points in 10 of their 13 contests, and never scoring less than 25 in a game all year long. They threw the ball wildly, all over the field, thanks to Ryan Tannehill. They racked up chunks of yards on those throws because of Ryan Swope, Jeff Fuller and company. The Aggies matched their prolific passing game with an effective rushing attack behind Cyrus Gray. It was all working in 2011…well, everything except the defense.

Texas A&M was so bad defensively that their head coach was still fired even though the Aggies had been ranked in the top 10 in the nation and had just beaten a conference opponent 61-7. In between those two facts, however, rested games where A&M lost over and over again after having huge first half leads. After starting 2-0 and being ranked as high as 8th nationally, Texas A&M lost five of their next eight games and gave up an average of 28.3 points in the three games they won! Mike Sherman’s squad could not get a stop if his job depended on it.

In hindsight, his job did depend on it; in related news, he lost his job.

Now, with a new coach, the Aggies are heading to a new conference: the SEC, also known as “the best conference since man first took the skin from a pig and wrapped it around a spherical object to hurl through the air.” What this means for the Aggies is trouble. If their offense was all they had and they now move to a conference with the best defensive teams in the nation, wins might be hard to come by. Good Luck A&M; hope it was worth the money.


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