Ryan Boatright NBA Draft Profile


Ryan Boatright, Sophomore, Point Guard, Connecticut



As many NBA fans and analysts like to say, you only need one skill to make it. James Jones can hit threes and nothing else. Tony Allen can defend; Marcus Camby can block shots. Reggie Evans can rebound and hustle. These players have huge holes in their games but are successful in the NBA because their one skill is elite. All-around talents are rare even in the pros. Well, in the limited time we have seen Ryan Boatright at Connecticut, he has one superb skill: getting to the rim. He has great handle and can dribble drive on the best NCAA defenders. Should this skill develop even further, it may be enough to make him intriguing to pro scouts come draft time.


Final Projection:

The rest of the story isn’t so sweet. Boatright, even in just one year, has had multiple troubles with NCAA violations (whether the suspensions were warranted or not). He also will continue to struggle with playing time at UConn since their best returning player happens to play the same position as him. If Boatright joins into some sort of dual-point guard backcourt this season, it could muddle up team’s impressions of how well he can actually run an offense. At the moment, Ryan is on the outside looking in of the NBA draft.


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