Alessandro Gentile NBA Draft Profile

Alessandro Gentile, Small Forward, Italy



On pure talent alone, Alessandro Gentile should be the best international player in the 2013 NBA Draft class. He is a tough 6-6, 230 pound small forward who will use his size and strength to bully opposing defenders. He can finish around the basket with ease and has a decent enough jump shot to keep the opposition honest.

His shooting range is very good, but there are some inconsistencies that are to be expected from a young player. That has improved over time and will likely continue to improve. Gentile’s strength on the wing and aggressiveness on the offensive end of the floor will get him drafted.


Final Projection:

But there are some major concerns about Gentile. The biggest may be his maturity. At times he lets his talent do all the work. That leads to some major lapses on defense and to call Gentile a defensive liability would be an understatement. Another year to mature may help, but for now it is dropping him down draft boards. Gentile has strength, but he is not the quickest player. He will make things happen and can get past some defenders, but sometimes he has to rely on his jump shot if the opposing defender is strong enough to keep him from creating a shot for himself.


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