Denard Robinson NFL Draft Profile

Denard Robinson NFL Draft Profile

Denard Robinson, Senior, “Quarterback”, Michigan



There are three definitive facts about Denard Robinson’s game. One: he can run like the wind. Two: he is tremendously exciting to watch both as a fan of Michigan or even as an impartial observer. Three: he cannot throw an accurate pass downfield to save his life.

As the Sicilian from The Princess Bride would exclaim, Denard being drafted as a quarterback is inconceivable. He completed just 55% of his passes a season ago, down from a still mediocre 62.5% as a sophomore. In Michigan’s Sugar Bowl win against Virginia Tech this past January, Robinson was famously awful for the entire game, managing to throw just 9 of his 21 passes into the arms of a teammate and running for a total of 13 yards to boot. Most of the time, while Robinson struggles to complete passes, he still wows fans and opponents with his running ability. And this is what his draft stock rests on.


Final Projection:

Denard Robinson’s small frame makes it unlikely he’d be able to put up with the rigors of becoming an NFL running back. A scat back or slot back, in the mold of a Percy Harvin seems more likely. The problem is, no one knows how good of a receiver Robinson could even be nor has he ever returned kicks or punts as a Wolverine. It seems unlikely any team would waste a high draft pick on such a questionable project.


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