Joseph Randle NFL Draft Profile

Joseph Randle NFL Draft Profile

Joseph Randle, Junior, Running Back, Oklahoma State



Joseph Randle is not Kendall Hunter. Let’s just get that out of the way right from the start. Backing up Hunter his freshman year, Randle was able to contribute solid production though. Averaging 5.5 yards per carry that season and, even more impressively, 5.8 per carry during last year’s 1,200 yard season, Randle does resemble Hunter in that regard. Another year (or two) of his sophomore year totals would go a long way to matching what Kendall was able to accomplish at Stillwater. What Randle does have over Hunter though is much better size. A full half foot taller than his predecessor, Randle should not tumble on draft day because of small stature like the man before him did.


Final Projection:

With his running production overshadowed by the passing game at Oklahoma State, Joseph Randle was also able to contribute as a receiver pretty well. Continuing his achievements from sophomore season in an offense now without their NFL-caliber quarterback and wide receiver would do wonders for Randle’s draft stock. At the moment, he can only be looked at as a third day selection with room for improvement.


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