Andre Drummond NBA Draft Profile

Connecticut Andre Drummond NBA Draft Profile

Andre Drummond, Freshman, Center, Connecticut



Leaving school a year early is usually detrimental to a players’ growth. Andre Drummond certainly left Connecticut at least a year too early, as far as his game’s development is concerned. However, his decision was, in some regards, made for him with the sanctions dropped on his university. Returning to Storrs would have meant no chance to play in the postseason and on a roster void of many of the talents he played beside this past season. Thus, it can be explained why Drummond would declare for the NBA draft and hope his vast potential carries him into the top five. As far as on-court production goes, Drummond’s freshman season left a lot to be desired. He has a great pro body and can play defense with the best of them. But his offensive game went from spotty to nonexistent on a week to week basis. Another year in school would have done wonders for him on the offensive side, alas…


Final Projection:

Even with the question marks, Drummond should expect to hear his name called within the first five or six picks of the draft. The NBA draft is so often about potential as owners and general managers would much rather take a risk nabbing a future star rather than taking a sure-thing role player. This mindset plays right into the hands of Drummond as he was badly out-produced in college by the likes of Draymond Green or Ricardo Ratliffe. But he will be taken well ahead of those guys because of the chance that he will end up being that much better.


5/31/12 Update by Dan Levine:

Despite UCONN’s poor season in 2011-2012 Andre Drummond showed the skills and promise he displayed when he left high school early to join the Huskies.  He is a big body that can be a defensive presence in the middle.  He is still a bit raw, but his upside might be as high as anyone’s in the draft.  He will be a top 5 pick come June 28.


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