Zebrie Sanders NFL Draft Profile

Florida State Zebrie Sanders NFL Draft Profile

Zebrie Sanders, Senior, Offensive Tackle, Florida State



Sanders is one of the many talented young prospects in this year’s deep pool of talented prospects. He has elite athleticism for his position and is a very versatile player, proven by seeing snaps at both left and right tackle. He has the massive size that you would expect out of a tackle at the next level as well. He is very tough and durable, which is a major plus for tackles. He is widely considered a very intelligent person and a high character player, which further helps cement him as a top tackle prospect.  He played at a big time school in a big time conference so he was challenged on a weekly basis.


Final Projection:

This is a very deep tackle class, so it is difficult to judge when these players will be selected. Tackles have a pretty high bust rate, but Sanders seems to have the making of a safe pick, due to his work ethic, intelligence, and high character. That coupled with his athleticism and versatility makes him an attractive prospect to many NFL teams. He could wind up in the first round but will more likely end up in the second round.


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