Mitchel Traver MLB Draft Profile

Mitchell Traver, Senior, Pitcher, High School


Mitchell Traver is a big powerful right handed pitcher. His fastball sits in the mid 90’s, but he has a frame that looks like he could add a few MPH to that. In his arsenal is his deadly fastball and a changeup and a slider, both which are effective, but seldom used. Last season he posted a stellar 2.31 ERA in 42.1 innings of work. He struck out 61 batters and walked just 27.

Final Projection:

Traver is still trying to master the art of pitching, so he will get better with time. As he develops he will likely get stronger and add some mustard to his already blazing fastball, which is a scary thought. His changeup and slider will also become more effective, especially if he can learn to trust them more. The bottom line is that Traver is a middle first round pick coming out of high school and he has a ton of talent.


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