Lewis Brinson MLB Draft Profile

Lewis Brinson, Senior, Outfield, High School



Lewis Brinson is a young talent outfielder. He has good size and great speed. Thanks to outstanding speed and good instincts, he has incredible range. Because of his masterful defense he projects as a plus centerfielder. As a hitter he generates good bat speed and can even hit with some power. In 2011 he hit a remarkable .473 and got on base .623 percent of the time. He stroked six doubles, two triples and smoked four homeruns. He also had more walks than strikeouts, at a two to one ratio (16 walks, 8 strikeouts). He even stole 11 bases.

Final Projections:

Brinson has a ton of raw talent and has gobs of potential. This is a very deep outfield class, but he is among the best and should still be selected in the first round. He has the all the tools to be a five tool stud in the majors.  


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