Deven Marrero MLB Draft Profile

Arizona State College Baseball Deven Marrero 2012 MLB Draft Profile

Deven Marrero, Junior, Shortstop, Arizona State

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Deven Marrero was drafted in the 17th round out of high school and has really boosted his draft stock during his time at Arizona State. The 6-1 shortstop is a defensive stalwart first and foremost. He has a great arm and impressive range. At the next level Marrero is a player who should stay at shortstop and some MLB teams will think about building a program around him. But Marrero is not all about defense. He batted .397 as a freshman and knocked six balls out of the park. As a sophomore his batting average dipped to .315, but he developed more discipline at the plate.


Final Projection:

Marrero’s draft stock has been moving up and down. Some see him as a top five selection, others as a player more in the 20 to 25 range. A lot will depend on the development of his hitting leading up to the 2012 MLB Draft. He is a decent contact hitter and has a nice looking swing, but he needs to find some more power if he really is going to be a top five selection.


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