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Northwestern College Softball Adrienne Monka 2012 NPF Draft Profile

Adrienne Monka, Senior, Infield, Northwestern

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Just how dangerous of a hitter is Adrienne Monka? In 155 plate appearances during the 2011 campaign, the 5-8 infielder walked 66 times. That ended up as 1.53 walks per game, which is second in NCAA Division I history. That is how badly opposing pitchers wanted to avoid throwing the ball anywhere near the strike zone against Monka. The Rancho Cucamonga, California native also led the nation with an on-base percentage of .707. She hit .461 with ten homeruns and 47 runs batted in. With the opposition avoiding her as much as possible, some of those numbers are actually down from where they were in the past. In 2009 Monka hit 19 homeruns and had 53 RBIs. In 2010 those numbers dipped to 12 and 42.


Final Projection:

Monka may not have a lot of opportunities to put up huge numbers during her senior season if the Big Ten plays smart and walks her as much as possible. However, they cannot always avoid pitching to Monka and she has proven to have a keen eye and take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way.


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