Kelsi Weseman NPF Draft Profile

Georgia Tech College Softball Kelsi Weseman NPF Draft Profile

Kelsi Weseman, Senior, Shortstop, Georgia Tech

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Kelsi Weseman has been a staple for Georgia Tech at the shortstop position for four years. The 5-6 Texan has had a superb collegiate career and will do pretty much everything for the Yellow Jackets. Most notably, Weseman hits homeruns. In 2011 she knocked 21 out of the park and still managed to increase her batting average to .424. Weseman is a true slugger first and foremost. However, she does not strike out very often and has a keen eye at the plate. Despite being a big hitter, Weseman can be very patient at the plate.


Final Projection:

Weseman is one of the best hitters in this draft class and she has proven that over her four year collegiate career. At the next level she may not stay at the shortstop position however. She did commit 16 errors in 2011 and is not the quickest shortstop around. She has a strong enough arm to play at third base in the NPF or she could pretty easily learn another position as needed.


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