Mascot of the Week - Hofstra

Hofstra Mascots; Kate and Willie Pride

The Pride have a unique mascot, or actually what makes it unique is that they have two mascots. In the late 1980’s the Pride nickname started being thrown around campus in a campaign to get more school spirit. The school pride became such a hit that Hofstra officially became The Pride in 2004. A few years earlier Kate and Willie Pride made their debut as a pride of lions. Thus, when the nickname officially changed to the Hofstra Pride, Kate and Willie were already fixtures at school events and ready to take over the full-time mascot role.


Mascot of the Week - Hofstra


Your Name: Alexandra Panos

Your Relation to the Mascot: Supervisor/Graduate Assistant of the mascots

Mascot Name: Kate and Willie Pride


What is the history of your mascot?

Hofstra University is one of a few Universities throughout the country that uniquely features two mascots: Kate and Willie Pride, a lion and lioness. The two mascots are named after the University's benefactors William Hofstra and his wife Kate Davidson.

Hofstra MascotIn summer 2001 a team of university officials under the direction of President Emeritus James M. Shuart developed and designed what is today known as Kate Pride and Willie Pride.


What is the most memorable moment during your time associated with the mascot?

The most memorable moment during my time associated with the mascots was when Kate and Willie renewed their vows at the Royal Wedding in the Spring of 2011.


What makes your mascot famous, or infamous?

What makes our mascot unique is that we have a male and female mascot.