The Most Popular Professional and College Teams in Michigan



Michigan is a state with a rich sports culture and a passionate fan base. From professional teams in Detroit to college athletics across the state, sports play a massive role in the lives of Michiganders.

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So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular professional and college teams in Michigan - looking at their impressive histories, fan support - and all the contributions they have made to the state's sporting legacy.

Let’s start by looking at some of the top professional teams in MI


Professional Teams


The Detroit Lions - NFL

If you are a fan of the NFL, then it has to be the Detroit Lions - the only real option in the state.

The team is famous and infamous in equal measure - known for many of the wrong reasons. In fact, this team has only ever won one playoff game. Despite this, they’re always great to watch. The team plays its home games at the Indoor Ford Field  - a great place to soak up the atmosphere. So great is it, that it even hosted the Super Bowl back in 2006. If you head over to watch one of the games, prepare for the unexpected!


The Detroit Pistons - NBA

For fans of the NBA, we have the Detroit Pistons - one of the most popular major league teams in the state. To date, they boast three NBA Championship titles  - including back-to-back titles. They moved to Little Caesars Arena, in downtown Detroit in 2017  - and it attracts a packed-out audience when it’s game day.

The team also owns an NBA 2k basketball league team - and is pretty popular with fans of eSports.


Detroit Tigers MLB

The Detroit Tigers are the oldest professional Detroit sports team - having been around since way back in 1901. During this time, they have won four World Series titles. The team plays its game in downtown Detroit, in the Comerica Park stadium… after a controversial move from the legendary Tigers Stadium. That being said, Comerica Park is an excellent venue with lots of history - and well worth a visit.


Detroit Red Wings

For those more interested in the NHL, then there’s the Detroit Red Wings - a team with a big history. As an original 6 member, they have the honor of being the most successful out of all of the four major sports teams in Detroit. Indeed, they have won no fewer than 11 Stanley Cups since their inception in 1926 - which makes them the third most successful team in the NHL - and the best of all the US-based NHL teams.

The team plays its home games at the Little Caesars Arena  - and, if you do head to a home game, then look out for a flying octopus!


Detroit City FC - MLS

The Detroit soccer team, Detroit City FC is known by fans as Le Rouge - and it has quickly become a hugely popular sports team in the state - boasting a very loyal and passionate following. If you’re a soccer fan, then they are well worth a watch.

The team plays its home games at Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck - at the very heart of the city.


College Teams

If you’re interested in college football, then you’re not alone, as this is taken very seriously in Michigan. There are currently five Division 1 programs - with one of the best being Michigan State University Spartans.


Michigan State University Spartans

One team with a  very proud athletic tradition is Michigan State University Spartans, who play a pretty mean game on the basketball courts and on the football pitch. They are fiercely competitive with the Wolverines  - one of the fiercest rivalries in college sports - and fans enjoy the annual clash - the Paul Bunyan Trophy’ game… where the two teams fight it out for supremacy.


University of Michigan Wolverines

The University of Michigan is home to another iconic college sports team, the Wolverines. With their fierce competition against the Spartans, they always attract a huge audience. They play their games at the Big House - one of the biggest football stadiums in the world, which is just as well as they can easily pack out their 100,000 seater stadium.


There are plenty more to consider - Western Michigan University Broncos, Eastern Michigan University Eagles and more - all making college sports almost as big in the state as pro sports

So, there you have it - some of the most popular teams in Michigan State, whether you’re a fan of pro sports or college sports, football, basketball, hockey, baseball or even soccer, there’s always a team to support.