Virginia Baseball 2023 NCAA Tournament Capsule

Virginia Cavaliers
ACC (45-12, 19-11)
Coach: Brian O’Connor
Key Field Players:
Kyle Teel, Junior, C/IF, .414 BA, 12 HR, 60 RBI
Griff O’Ferrall, Sophomore, IF, .393 BA, 0 HR, 36 RBI, 16 SB
Ethan Anderson, Sophomore, C/UTL, .377 BA, 11 HR, 56 RBI
Jake Gelof, Junior, IF, .333 BA, 22 HR, 84 RBI
Henry Godbout, Freshman, IF, .296 BA, 3 HR, 34 RBI
Casey Saucke, Sophomore, IF, .285 BA, 4 HR, 44 RBI
Ethan O’Donnell, Junior, OF, .369 BA, 12 HR, 49 RBI, 17 SB
Key Pitchers:
Connelly Early, Junior, P, 3.39 ERA, 10-2 W/L, 69.0 IP, 80 SO
Brian Edgington, Senior, P, 3.89 ERA, 7-3 W/L, 71.2 IP, 77 SO
Jack O’Connor, Freshman, P, 3.92 ERA, 6-3 W/L, 62.0 IP, 61 SO
Jay Woolfolk, Sophomore, P, 2.48 ERA, 2-0 W/L, 32.2 IP, 38 SO, 9 SV
By the Numbers:
Batting Average: .334 (1st in nation, 1st in conference)
Double Plays per Game: 0.64 (177, 13)
Doubles per Game: 2.71 (1, 1)
Earned Run Average: 3.91 (6, 2)
Fielding Percentage: .977 (46, 6)
Home Runs per Game: 1.24 (115, 9)
Scoring Offense: 9.1 (7, 1)
Slugging Percentage: .527 (21, 5)
Stolen Bases per Game: 1.27 (103, 3)
Triples per Game: 0.22 (125, 6)
Recent Postseason Appearances:
2022Regionaldefeated Coastal Carolina, lost to East Carolina, eliminated by Coastal Carolina
2021Regionallost to South Carolina, defeated Jacksonville, defeated South Carolina, defeated Old Dominion, defeated Old Dominion
2021Super Regionaldefeated Dallas Baptist
2021CWSdefeated Tennessee, lost to Mississippi State, eliminated by Texas
2017Regionaldefeated Dallas Baptist, lost to TCU, eliminated by Dallas Baptist
2016Regionaldefeated William & Mary, lost to East Carolina, eliminated by William & Mary
2015Regionaldefeated USC, defeated San Diego State, defeated USC
2015Super Regionaldefeated Maryland
2015CWSdefeated Arkansas, defeated Florida, lost to Florida, defeated Florida
2015CWS Championshiplost to Vanderbilt, defeated Vanderbilt, defeated Vanderbilt
2014Regionaldefeated Bucknell, defeated Arkansas, defeated Arkansas
2014Super Regionallost to Maryland, defeated Maryland, defeated Maryland
2014CWSdefeated Mississippi, defeated TCU, defeated Mississippi, lost to Vanderbilt, defeated Vanderbilt, eliminated by Vanderbilt
2013Regionaldefeated Army, defeated Elon, defeated Elon
2013Super Regionallost to Mississippi State, eliminated by Mississippi State
2012Regionaldefeated Army, lost to Appalachian State, eliminated by Oklahoma
2011Regionaldefeated Navy, defeated St. John's, defeated East Carolina
2011Super Regionaldefeated UC Irvine
2011CWSdefeated California, lost to South Carolina, defeated California, eliminated by South Carolina
2010Regionaldefeated VCU, defeated Mississippi, lost to St. John's, defeated St. John's
2010Super Regionaleliminated by Oklahoma
2009Regionaldefeated San Diego State, defeated UC Irvine, defeated UC Irvine
2009Super Regionaldefeated Mississippi
2009CWSlost to LSU, defeated Cal State Fullerton, eliminated by Arkansas
2008Regionallost to UCLA, eliminated by Cal State Fullerton
2007Regionaldefeated Lafayette, defeated Oregon State, lost to Oregon State, eliminated by Oregon State
*all team stats through 5/21