Band of the Week - Colorado State

Colorado State Band

It was back in 1901 when 13 members began the Colorado State University Marching band. The pomp and pageantry existed when those 13 students started it all, but 110 years later the Colorado State Marching band has taken it to a whole new level. With 270 members, the largest collegiate band in the state of Colorado, and the Golden Poms and Visual Ensemble, the Colorado State Marching band is now a full optical and auditory experience for the lucky audience.



College Sports Madness Band of the Week - Colorado State


Your Name:  Jessica Sullenberger

Your Relation to the Band:  Trombone Section Leader

Band Name:  Colorado State University Marching Band

Number of Members: 24 Trombones in a 270 person band


Colorado State Band

What is the most unique show you have ever performed? Colorado State Band

In 2007 we performed a throwback show for the 50th anniversary of becoming Colorado State University Rams from the Colorado A&M Aggies.  We found pieces in the library from the original 13 person marching band, blending the new traditions with the old, traditional drill with difficult contemporary drill.  And of course, we wrapped it up with one of our more recent traditions – the Trombone Suicides!


How much preparation goes into the trombone suicides?

A lot!  We have three extra sectionals a week just for suicides, and when we really master that, we start to get creative – like performing with blindfolds.  Even the CU fans start cheering for those!


What interesting or unique traditions does your band/section have?

Aside from Trombone Suicides, we have a section-wide nickname of “the Bruces,” and we do indeed refer to each other as “Bruce.”  One responsibility of the Bruces is to properly lead the traditional football prayer after the first offensive down.  Off the field we have section traditions like camping and beating our rival section, the trumpets, at broomball.

Colorado State Band

What charitable causes does your band support?

We’ve had the unique opportunity to collaborate with well known artists to raise money for various causes.  One year we featured the Dirty Dozen Brass Band during the halftime show, and sponsored a concert at the Aggie Theatre.  Proceeds went to support Hurricane Katrina victims that are still struggling to recover after the natural disaster.  It’s great to be a part of such an energetic organization that demonstrates what a large group of passionate individuals can accomplish together, and proves that everyone has a calling to make a positive impact on our world.