Cheer Squad of the Week - Hofstra

Hofstra Cheer Squad

The Hofstra Cheerleading program has been very successful over the last nine years, winning five UCA Small Co-ed Championship titles during that span. Coach Christine Farina has transformed the squad into a nationally competitive group in cheer tournaments and a fun and entertaining cheer squad at Hofstra sporting events. Whether they are executing in front of judges at the College National Competition or performing their team song of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” in front of the home crowd at the Mack Sports Complex, the Hofstra Cheerleading squad is great at what they do.


College Sports Madness Cheer Squad of the Week - Hofstra

Your Name: Christine Farina

Your Relation to the Cheer Squad: Head Coach

Cheer Squad Name: Hofstra Cheer

Team Song: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”


Hofstra Cheer Squad


What is the most memorable moment during your time with the cheer squad?
This is my 9th year coaching at Hofstra & I am so lucky to have experienced so many memorable moments with my teams throughout the years. From all the trips we took traveling for Football & Basketball games to our summer camps at UCA College Camp. However, the most memorableHofstra Cheer Squad moments are from College Nationals & watching my teams light up the floor. Knowing they have worked so hard and come so far all for a 2 ½ minute performance. The feeling of watching your cheerleaders throughout that 2 ½ minute performance is indescribable. They are my proudest moments as a coach.

How much preparation goes into your performance?
Hofstra Cheer is a full year commitment. Throughout the season practices are three to four times per week. The team competes one time per year in Orlando, FL. The weeks leading up to Nationals are very intense & the dedication to prepare for it is tremendous. We practice every day, twice a day.

What charitable causes does your cheer squad support?
•    ALS Walk
•    Breast Cancer Walk
•    UCP
•    The Brendan & Liam Shanahan Foundation
•    Muscular Dystrophy Association


Links to video and squad website:

Hofstra Cheer Team at New Rochelle Competition

Hofstra Cheer Squad Half-Time Performance