A Beginner's Guide To The NBA: What You Need To Know

A Beginner's Guide To The NBA: What You Need To Know
The NBA is a league filled with complex rules, dynamic players, and the occasional super team. It can be hard for casual fans to keep up with all of the action on the court. Even if we love the sport as much as possible, there's only so much that our brains can process at any given moment. In order to help you get acquainted with the sport, we've put together this handy beginner's guide to the NBA. If you love reading about hoops and want to know more, keep reading below. Let's break down everything you need to know about the NBA.
Key Rules To Know Before You Watch
When it comes to watching an NBA game, as a beginner, you're going to need to know some of the basic rules first.
  • There are fifteen players on each team during an NBA game.
  • Players are allowed six personal fouls before they are ejected from a game. Technical fouls do not count towards this total.
  • There are 24 seconds in a shot clock.
  • The basketball must be released before 24 seconds have passed on the shot clock.
  • When the shot is missed, and the ball hits the ground, the player that picks up the ball is credited with a rebound.
  • A team that is leading in points at the end of the game can choose to stall, which involves intentionally slowing down the pace of the game to prevent the opposing team from getting any more points.
Important Players To Know
These are some of the most well-known players in the NBA today. You can expect to hear them mentioned frequently on broadcasts and in articles during the season. Here are the top fifteen players currently in the NBA that you should know:
  1.  Giannis Antetokounmpo: the Milwaukee Bucks
  2.  Kevin Durant: the Brooklyn Nets
  3.  Stephen Curry: Golden State Warriors
  4.  Nikola Jokic: Denver Nuggets
  5.  Joel Embiid: Philadelphia 76ers
  6.  Jayson Tatum: Boston Celtics
  7.  Luka Dončić: Dallas Mavericks
  8.  LeBron James: Los Angeles Lakers
  9.  Kawhi Leonard: Los Angeles Clippers
  10. Ja Morant: Memphis Grizzlies
  11. Devin Booker: Phoenix Suns
  12. Jimmy Butler: Miami Heat
  13. James Harden: Philadelphia 76ers
  14. Karl-Anthony Towns: Minnesota Timberwolves
  15. DeMar DeRozan: Chicago Bulls
How Does The Point System Work?
Each team starts with a score of 0 points and attempts to outscore their opponent. But how does the scoring system work? In the NBA, there are three ways a team can score points.
  • 2-Point Baskets
  • 3-Point Baskets
  • Free Throws
Until the 1978-80 season, all basket shots were worth 2 points; however, during this season, the 3-point basket was introduced. 2-point baskets are the most common way you will see teams score in the NBA, and this is any shot that is made from within the 3-point line. To score a 3-point basket, a player must make a shot from outside the 3-point line, as long-distance shots are worth an extra point. 
When a player is fouled while taking a shot, the player shooting will be awarded a free throw. If the player shooting misses the shot as a result of the foul, they will be awarded two 2-point free throws and three 3-point free throws. If the player shooting makes the basket during the foul, they will only be awarded one free throw. Additionally, if a team commits five foals during a quarter, the other team will be awarded two 2-point free throws.
How To Add Excitement During Half-Time
There are a few ways to make your viewing experience more exciting, especially during the half-time break. One way to engage with the game and keep your heart rate up is to play NBA-themed games. Another is to spend time making snacks ready for the rest of the game, such as nachos or burgers. You can also read articles about your favourite players, teams, and basketball-related topics. There are countless websites that publish articles on a daily basis, so you're bound to find something interesting and exciting to read. 
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What Team Has The Most Wins In NBA History?
When it comes to which team has the most wins in NBA history, it's not surprising that one of the oldest franchises holds the top spot; the Boston Celtics, with over three thousand wins at 3,513. A close second is the Los Angeles Lakers with 3,460, followed by the Philadelphia 76ers with 3,000, the Golden State Warriors with 2,879, and the New York Knicks with 2,877. 
Additionally, when it comes to the championships, the Boston Celtics hold the top spot alongside the Los Angeles Lakers, both with a massive total of seventeen championships won. However, the Boston Celtics' last win was in 2008, whereas the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 championship. They are followed by the Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls, who both hold six titles, with the Golden State Warriors having last won in 2018 and the Chicago Bulls in 1998. Finally, the fifth spot in the top five teams to hold the most championships goes to the San Antonio Spurs, who hold five titles and last won in 2014.
The NBA is one of the best basketball leagues in the world. The level of competition is always high, and that means there are plenty of upsets and nail-biters. It's also full of characters that NBA fans love, like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry. No matter who you are or where you live, watching the NBA is a great way to stay in touch with the world of sports.