To excel in sports betting, you must do a few things. First, choose a sport you like or understand and stick with it. Wagering on different sports robs you of the chance to master sporting markets. You must find a good sport and focus on a few markets to win more wagers. Secondly and most importantly, you must select a good betting site. Your knowledge and correct predictions will not help much if you settle for a below-average bookie. That’s why choosing betting sites like Campo Bet is integral to your success. Finally, you must be patient – winning consecutive wagers does not happen overnight.

For now, we will focus on the second point – choosing the right bookie. And to do that, we will cover some of the best options worldwide:


Best Sports Bookies

Any sports betting site serves one role. It accepts your wagers and pays out winnings if you are right. All bookies charge a commission, also known as vig. That’s the standard mode of operation which keeps them in business. Even so, some charge more vig than others, thus offering uncompetitive odds. Other sites are also slow in paying out winnings. So, when selecting the best bookies, we look at those that take this intermediary role seriously.

Who wins?


a.    Campo Bet

While this site is relatively new, it has become quite popular with punters in Hungary and beyond. And it’s not hard to tell why this is the case. After all, it boasts over 30 sports markets, allowing punters to explore the options and choose what feels most profitable. It even sweetens this already great deal by offering more than 15,000 betting options. You can easily experiment with differing wagers to find your strong points. To any punter, this is the dream.

Additional strengths of this site include the following:

-        It has a mobile app,

-        It has Curacao licensing,

-        Its registration process is simple,

-        Punters have bank, card, and e-wallet payment options,

-        Rewards are available to new and returning clients, and

-        It offers live betting.

Its design is also intuitive, making it easy for punters to navigate the site, place wagers, and cash out when they win.


b.    Bet 365

This bookie has been around for a while now. And as much as many other bookies have come up as competition, it has stood its ground. Much of this reputation has much to do with its comprehensive sports coverage. Very few bookies can match its extensiveness, which has been its strength for the past two decades.

Besides wide coverage, punters choose this bookie for the following reasons:

-        It has Malta and Gibraltar licensing,

-        In-play betting options are available to help punters salvage or build on their bets,

-        Bonuses are available to new and returning customers,

-        The customer support team is available 24/7, and

-        Card and e-wallet payment options are available.

Most of the transactions are instantaneous, allowing punters to deposit money and start playing immediately.


c.    Betway

Punters only make good money when they enjoy competitive odds. This bookie ensures that you enjoy a tidy sum of money whenever you make a correct prediction. And because punters always follow the money, this bookie has gained much popularity since its launch in 2006. But profitability has not been its only strong point. It also boasts:

-        A loyalty program that benefits ardent punters,

-        A wide range of sports with an even more comprehensive range of betting markets,

-        Live customer support,

-        Live streaming and live betting,

-        Rewards for new and returning players, and

-        Free transactions on most payment methods.

The site also offers early cashout to players who may want to get their winnings or avoid further losses before matches end.


d.    William Hill

William Hill boasts experience that other bookies cannot. After all, it has been around even before online sportsbooks existed. Back when it started in 1934, all betting was physical. It later evolved into an online bookie and has continued to grow with the changing world. So, it’s no surprise that this adaptability has shaped it into the top bookie it is.

You can count on it for:

-        A wide range of sports, including the major ones like football and soccer,

-        Gibraltar and UK licensing,

-        Constant promotions,

-        Varied and secure payment methods, and

-        A mobile app that works for Android and iOS devices.

This bookie takes security seriously and features 128-bit SSL encryption on its website to prevent cybercrime.


e.    22 Bet

Professional customer service is a must-have in any good bookie, and 22 Bet does not disappoint. It ensures a helpful and knowledgeable customer care agent is always willing to address your concerns 24/7. Besides this, what makes it unique?

-        It has a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices,

-        More than 80 payment methods are available,

-        It offers at least 1,000 live events during the main seasons,

-        New and returning users are always in for ongoing promotions, and

-        It features Curacao and Kahnawake licensing.

On top of these perks, the bookie also offers high odds.


You can hardly go wrong with any of these bookies. Remember to place objective wagers, manage your money well, and be patient with the process.