Who Are the Top Basketball Players Who Play Poker Tournaments

Who Are the Top Basketball Players Who Play Poker Tournaments

Card game poker is also considered a competitive sport. The players enjoy the game's competitive nature even though they do not need to demonstrate extraordinary athleticism. That may be why so many athletes in the professional ranks also find poker to be a relaxing pastime.

We'll be focusing on NBA players today. Big men may appreciate seeing twos and threes on the court, but at the poker table, such numbers are a huge turnoff.

So, with the help of casinoreviewers.com, let's find out which famous NBA players are also avid poker players. What follows is worth your time.


Andrew Bogut

Legendary Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut, who played for the Warriors and Bucks, among other teams, once called himself the "greatest poker player in the NBA." His life seemed to revolve around the card game, even though basketball was his main interest.


David Lee

Lee, a member of the 2015 NBA champion Golden State Warriors, has accomplished more than many professional basketball players in their careers. Now that he's retired from the sport, Lee can devote more time to his other significant skill: poker.

Since Lee is such a good poker player, we feel comfortable saying he possesses considerable skills. He even managed to steal $32,000 from poker great Phil Helmuth. The fact that you were able to take Helmuth down for $32,000 is particularly noteworthy, given that he holds the record for most WSOP bracelets with 15.


Charles Barkley

His legacy lives on in the Basketball Hall of Fame, and he's also recognized as one of the NBA's 50 all-time greats. Even while Barkley's legendary status as a player is well-known, his passion for poker was initially less well-known.

Barkley once told reporters that his pastime had cost him at least $10 million. In the same interview, he recalled a blackjack incident in which he lost $2 million after spending six hours at the table.


Shawn Marion

He's best known as "The Matrix," the guy who led the Dallas Mavericks to their first NBA title. In his spare time, though, he's a gambling addict. Marion has participated in several national poker tournaments. We had hoped he would go pro, but now he's content to play for fun on the side.

With the help of the Shawn Marion Foundation, Marion has turned his celebrity profile and passion for poker into charitable endeavors. It's inspiring when famous people use their platform for good causes.


Chris Paul

Chris Paul has been honored with numerous accolades, including Rookie of the Year and USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year. The All-Star point guard is also an avid poker player and a regular at high-stakes, invite-only events and TV shows dedicated to the game.

Even Phil Hellmuth has recognized Paul's talent, saying, "I think Chris Paul plays really well." Those who compete on a sporting level are the main rivals. They're tough guys, and poker is the ultimate combat sport.


Earl Barron

Barron's path through the NBA draft was not the standard one. Before catching on with the Miami Heat, he tried his luck in Turkey, the Philippines, and the Developmental League. In 2006, he took home a championship ring and, curiously enough, also found his calling in poker around the same time.

Barron has devoted himself to poker since leaving the NBA and frequently participates in World Poker Tour tournaments. Out of 7,275 total players, he placed 613rd in the WSOP Millionaire Maker event. We don't think it's all that horrible. He is still dedicated to improving his poker skills and will likely join the ranks of professional players soon.


Paul Pierce

Pierce's legacy with the Celtics is secure. He will always be remembered for his 2008 NBA championship with the Boston Celtics, which secured his place in Celtics lore. He played for the Washington Wizards, Brooklyn Nets, and the Los Angeles Clippers in his final three seasons before he retired. The 10-time NBA All-Star isn't slowing down, though. Pierce has dominated the poker scene ever since he retired.

He is frequently observed at poker games and has even appeared on Poker After Dark. The pot he won in a high-stakes, all-cash game of Texas Hold 'em was worth $40,000. At the same time, he conned $30,000 from Hollywood filmmaker Randall Emmett. Pierce entered the World Series of Poker main event in 2014, making it to day three before busting out. The material in "The Truth" is impressive.


Tim Duncan

While serving as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan played his entire NBA career for the team, helping them win five championships with the help of fellow assistant coach Tony Parker. He's as near to a basketball icon as you can get, having earned a bronze medal with the United States team at the Olympics.

Those four NBA titles aren't the only thing he and his ex-teammate Parker have in common. Duncan devotes much of his leisure time to playing poker in a casino or with his friends at home. Phil Helmuth (once again) has called him one of the top poker players in the NBA because of how good he is. To hear it from a living poker legend is high praise indeed.


Tony Parker

He had a booming professional career in France and the United States, winning four NBA championships with the San Antonio Spurs. Parker, who played for France at the highest level, is now the majority owner of Lyon Basket Feminin of the French women's basketball league and holds a portion in ASVEL, a French team. A French hip-hop CD was also published under his name.

Okay, but what about poker? Parker can be found at the poker table from Las Vegas to the streets of Paris. After becoming captivated with poker, he even secured a sponsorship contract with a French company. But the man is busy with his businesses, so we might not see him at WTP functions for a while.