How To Balance Between Sports, Work and College?

Being into sports while in school or college can be extremely challenging. Not everyone has the ability to balance academic responsibilities with sports commitments. Managing to study, train, do assignments, and still have time for your personal life almost seems like an impossible task. It only gets crazier once you add work to the mix.
Wondering who would actually be in such a situation? Many young students looking to unburden their families from the financial responsibility of higher education choose to work their way through college. In such a scenario, when you have studies, training, and work to worry about, how would you balance them all? Keep reading to know the answer.
Maintain a strict schedule and follow an academic calendar
Using your smartphone as a singular device to schedule and work around all your appointments is now possible. With apps like Google Calendar, individuals can create a strict schedule and follow it to ensure they stick to their academic and career plans.
You could also create a rough timetable for every day of the week and break each day down into parts that help you manage things on a smaller level. Make sure you mark down important academic commitments in your calendar, such as:
  • Examinations.
  • Assignments.
  • Tests.
  • Deadlines.
This is to make sure you don't miss anything in your day-to-day activities.
Take advice from an academic counselor
To create a working plan for your academics, you will need some external help. Possibly from an expert whose job is to guide students and help them stay in line. Make use of the multiple resources offered by your university and ask your academic counselor for advice.
The counselor has a good understanding of your college's standards when it comes to academic preparedness. They will be able to help you come up with a plan that is guaranteed to work and let you focus on everything you need. Many universities also have a therapist or non-academic counselor on site. You can also reach out to them if need be.
Do not allow procrastination to affect you
Do not delay any of your work beyond the time it takes to do it, as avoiding it will only result in delays and penalties. Being able to accomplish tasks on time also improves your ability to manage time better which will make you an all-around better student, employee, and sportsperson.
You can be as productive as you want and still have time to chill if you manage your time well. In the worst-case scenario, if you are unable to write a paper on time, you can make use of the many college research paper services available on the internet. With their help, you can deliver all your papers on time.
Prioritize your most important goals
When an individual is very busy, they will have to set aside some tasks for another day to complete the most important ones. This requires the ability to prioritize your work and understand what is the most important thing for now.
For short-term goals, break them down into smaller tasks and try to accomplish them within an hour or so. For bigger goals that lead to your overall growth, work on them for as much time as you need, but without sacrificing your other commitments.
Get help from friends and loved ones
Despite having a great support system in the form of coaches and counselors, many students fall apart emotionally because of the non-stop grind. A student with a job who is also an athlete requires great mental discipline and focus.
This is why we encourage students to rely on their loved ones - family and friends - for additional support. Ask your peers to assist with notes and lessons you've missed while training. When you think to yourself, "can someone write my dissertation for me?" know that you have options. An academic writer can handle this task. Alternatively, you can ask a friend to help with the research. Studying with friends can keep you from feeling overwhelmed with your studies.
Use your weekends wisely
While we agree that student-athletes must take time for themselves as much as possible because of their jam-packed schedules, we also think that if you get an extra day off, you can use it to study or work harder towards your goals. You can catch up on previously missed work or get ahead in your lesson plan.
Start working on upcoming assignments and preparing for future tests. This will help you feel less encumbered later and keep things from tipping over when you're busy managing training, work, and class.
Study or work during commute time
A great way to spend your commute time, especially if you take long bus rides or train journeys to get to college or home, is to study or work during that time. Review notes, go over your lessons, or read chapters on the bus. You don't need fancy gadgets to help you work remotely during travel. If you have your phone and if your job involves work that you can complete remotely, try to find applications you can download to work on your phone. It's a lot quicker than having to turn on the laptop and work.
Find Your Balance
As an employed student-athlete, try and find the time to take as many breaks as you need and feel at ease in between your busy schedule. All work and no play can make you feel suffocated. Eat healthily, speak to loved ones, maintain your friendships, go on walks, and do other things that help you feel better. Set aside time to practice hobbies. With that in mind, you will be able to perform amazingly on all fronts!
Author's Bio - Michael Carr
Michael Carr is a student counselor, writer, and advisor who has worked as a consultant with many universities. His experience guiding students has given him a unique perspective on their needs. He hopes to assist as many young minds as possible and help them efficiently achieve their goals.