Famous College Sports Records

Famous College Sports Records

Sports fans always comfort themselves with the saying “records are meant to be broken” when a player, coach, or team breaks longstanding records. But while some records are meant to and will likely be broken, others are too iconic to be forgotten. Here is a review of the top 6:


1.     Barry Sanders 1988

Sanders recorded the single-most domination college football season in the history of the sport. Reeling off 238.9 yards per game, the Oklahoma State Cowboy set a likely unbreakable record of the highest single total in a football season of 2,628 yards. To put this in perspective, the second in line to this record, Marcus Allen, only recorded 26 yards per game. Sanders also ran four 300-yard games with a total of 37 touchdowns. When Jonathan Taylor hit the 2,000-yard mark in 2018, he was still 434 yards behind Sander’s record. Kevin Smith, who has the highest yard number ever, is still 61 shy of Sanders.


2.     Courtney Paris

Between 2006 and 2009, Paris ruled the boards in NCAA women’s basketball. While she does not hold the single-season record, she is the only player with three 500-rebound seasons in history – 505 in 2009, 526 in 2007, and 539 in 2006. She is also the first 4-time All-American in the sport’s history and was the first student-athlete of any gender and level to finish their career with 2,500 points and 2,000 rebounds.


3.     Jordan Hall and Tom Meeker

Jordan Hall of Delaware men’s lacrosse and Tom Meeker or Clackson hockey set some dizzying records in their respective fields for fastest scores. On February 12, 1995, Meeker scored a hat trick for his team in only 15 seconds. Hall scored the opening goal during the Blue Hens Vs Albany game held on March 11, 2006, in just three seconds. Such fast moves on the field are what make online betting on Betway all the more fun. Rather than just watch the action, you can bet on the incredible outcomes.


4.     Pat Summitt, Geno Auriemma, and John Wooden

Summit, Auriemma, and Wooden had winning streaks as coaches that the world of college football is unlikely to forget. In summary:

  • Summit: Summit was responsible for putting women’s basketball on the map. She coached 38 seasons, all of which were winning records.
  • Auriemma: Between November 2014 and April 2017, Auriemma led his UConn Huskies team to 111 straight wins and two national championships. 108 of the wins came by double digits.
  • Wooden: Under Wooden’s tenure, his UCLA teams could not seem to lose. Between 1971 and 1974, they clinched three national titles. There has only been one such undefeated national champion since.


5.     Hannah Perryman

Perryman had a record-setting career with Missouri-St. Louis, playing Division II. During her four years with the team, she struck out 1,725 of 3,757 batters – a DII record – and ended six games in 2015 in perfection. In 2016, her senior year, Perryman struck out an unfathomable 567 batters in her final single-season against Morgan Foley, setting an all-time strikeout record.


6.     Cael Sanderson

Cael Sanderson went down in history for his 159 wins. Although the Iowa State star is not the only wrestler to finish undefeated, his whole career is iconic. His 159 wins and 0 losses mean he had 40-wins a season – a record many wrestlers today don’t even come close to reaching. 



College sports are exciting, fast-paced, highly competitive, and extremely rewarding. You can keep up with your favorite athletes as they try to break these famous records on Betway. In addition to watching live college games, you can wager on your preferred outcomes every day.