Working up to the 2022 College Football Playoff


2022 College Football Playoff: Exciting Conference Games and the National Championship


With the 2021-22 college football playoff gone, the 2022-23 college football Playoff national championship is already by the corner. The championship has already been scheduled for Monday, January 9th, 2023, at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Regular seasons have also kicked off, with the championship drawing nearer since August.

This season’s playoffs have many exciting conference games, with others already concluding. While some conference games are coming up soon, some, like the North Carolina State and Clemson Tigers, already took place on October 1st, including the memorable game between Alabama and Arkansas, which took place on the same day.

The Saturday game saw Alabama State overtaking the top spot from Georgia with 2 points, making it the current number one team in the nation. The game has indeed left everyone talking and has a lasting impression on the minds of fans and college football lovers. Many cannot wait to see what will happen at the remaining team playoffs before the January championship. Some exciting conference games to look out for are as follows;

Remaining Exciting Conference Games this Season

1.    October 8th: Texas A&M & Alabama

The outcome of this game this weekend will leave many people talking about these two teams for a long while. The coaches of Texas A&M(Jimbo Fisher) and Alabama(Nick Saban) have been hinting at this particular game since May. With the anticipation following this game coming up this Saturday, it’s almost like it’s the biggest playoff of the season.

2.    October 15th: USC & Utah

Words have risen concerning Utah Utes belonging to the Top 10 threats. The NCAA already ranks it No. 6 team and one of the teams nobody talks about, but it deserves attention this season. Although Utah is not considered a potential national championship pick, there’s still the reserve of what they’ll be bringing to the field this season.

3.    November 5th: Florida State & Miami

Each season, both teams match up and give fans and college football lovers a lot to discuss. In November, the Florida State Seminoles will be playing against the Miami Hurricanes, and there’s certainly not going to be any shortage of drama. The outcome of this game will determine the way forward for both teams.

4.    November 26th: Michigan & Ohio State

College football playoffs are never complete without the anticipation surrounding any game of Ohio State buckeyes. Later in November, both teams will converge for a match, a must-see for college football fans and those who engage in college football betting.

National Championship Picks to Look Out For

While the playoffs continue to sail smoothly, fans and college football lovers have already started drawing up their predictions. Indeed, not every team will be making it to CFP. Here are carefully predicted top picks every lover of the game should consider.

●    Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes is quite an easy selection so far as college football is concerned. ESPN’s College Football Index heading for the 2022 season predicts a 49.9% chance for Ohio to play for the national championship. NCAA prediction states Ohio State as an easy selection even though the last time Ohio buckeyes won the championship was in 2014.

●    Alabama Crimson Tide

Several predictions favored UGA over Alabama Crimson regarding making it to the national championship and winning the game. But, following the Saturday game with Alabama Crimson overtaking top spots from Georgia Bulldogs, there’s undoubtedly more expectation for the team.

●    Georgia Bulldogs

Considering Alabama taking over the top spot from Georgia, chances are low that they might win the championship. However, considering the team won the 2021 national championship, all eyes are still out for them this season.

●    Clemson Tigers

Clemson Tigers had a lot of injuries and drawbacks last season. But there’s hope they’ll be doing a lot better this season, considering they have many options for their quarterbacks. Even though top contenders such as Alabama and Ohio, there’s still hope Clemson tigers will be making some exciting remarks this season.

Other Teams to Keep Eyes On this Season

●    Wisconsin

Wisconsin is not as performing as other teams and is often overlooked. Last year was a struggle for Wisconsin state, but there’s been a lot of preparation since the off-seasons. The team is worth looking out for this season. They could be fielding a good defense this time around.

●     West Virginia

Although West Virginia did not perform well last year, they’ve got a handful of good players. With these players, West Virginia might be staging an outstanding performance this season, and they should be looked out for.

●     Miami

Miami did their best to close out last year’s game strong. However, this year, they’ve been investing a lot into the game. With well-trained players, the team could be matching up this season.


Like each season’s game, this season promises a lot of excitement and drama. With teams like Alabama already making strides, the season is set to bring a lot of surprises.