Difference between Online Poker & Live Poker Games


Difference between Online Poker & Live Poker Games

Online Poker is a type of poker game played on the internet. This form of poker game has gained popularity since the late 1990s and has become one of the leading online gambling games in recent years. As an increasing number of online players prefer to play poker on their personal computers, more and more websites have arisen, some offering free play while others offer real money wagering. While there are many similarities between live and online poker games, they are also quite different in other aspects. Here are the main differences between online poker and live poker:

1. Remote Gaming

Online poker is mainly played from remote computers. In the case of live poker, players can join the table to play the game with their real names and not just their "handle." In online games, players operate their computers to play online games. This is why these are called "remote games" in contrast to "live games."

2. A Complete Set of Poker Chips

If a player plays in a cash game, you will be provided with all the traditional betting tools like cards and chips, not just a set of chips with which you can play. This constitutes an essential difference between online poker games and live poker games.

3. The Game Time

As in online poker, the game time is not fixed. You can play many hands during any session, and you can play more than one session if you want to extend the duration of your wagering. On the other hand, a live poker game is usually played for a fixed limit, meaning that all players must finish playing during a specific time, or they will be disqualified from play. This makes the game time very much limited.

4. Lack of Positive Feedback

One of the most obvious differences between online poker and live poker games is that you don't get any positive feedback in a live poker game. This is because there are no other players in person who can watch your facial expressions. No one will know whether you are happy, sad, or angry when playing the game unless you voice your feelings. On the contrary, it is a different story in online poker games since many people are watching your actions and commenting on your play.

5. Cheating Prevention

Another significant difference between online poker and live poker games is cheating prevention. This is related to the fact that you cannot see your opponent in person, and no one will be able to see if your opponent is using a cheating gadget or not. However, this problem can be solved by using live video surveillance, which has become available on most online poker sites, including some top-ranked poker websites like these. Currently offering top-notch services to online players, like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

6. Social Networks With Players Around the Globe

Another difference between online poker and live poker games is that online gaming offers social networks that are much stronger than those in any other offline play. Players can create their forums and chat rooms and promote the unique features of their site.

7. The Speed of Play

It is much faster to find a new game partner in an online poker game than in a live poker game. You don't need to wait for your turn if you don't want to join the current one. You can search for another available table or join an existing one immediately. On the other hand, when you are playing a live poker game, you cannot just find an open table and join it. You must wait in line for your turn before you can enter the game.

8. Dealers' Misdeals

One of the differences between online poker and live poker games is that it is more challenging to detect misdeals when playing a live game. Especially if you are playing with a few players, the dealer can make a mistake that other players will not notice. However, this problem can be quickly resolved in an online game where the software can easily tell when a misdeal has occurred. Nevertheless, most sites will call the hand back and deal again.

9. Convenience and Ease of Playing

One of the reasons why many people prefer online poker over live poker games is that it is very convenient and easier to find an available table. You can access your computer and the game site you wish to join through the internet. On the other hand, if you wish to play a live poker game, you must go to a venue where a live game is being held before you can enter the forum, as long as it is not free play. This makes it inconvenient for players.

10. The Ability to Set Wagering Limits

In a live poker game, you cannot set the bet amount for each different hand that you play unless you ask your dealer for this option. However, in an online poker game, you can decide how much money to bet for each hand and choose the betting limits that suit your style of play exactly. You can also determine the type of blind or ante that you want to use based on your site operator's guidelines.

11. Private Practice

Another difference between online poker and live poker games is that it is easy to practice your skills in an online poker game. You can play as many hands with the computer software or real people as you want to learn or improve your skills. On the other hand, in a live poker game, you cannot practice playing if nobody is willing to play with you. Also, you can't know your excellent or bad skills unless you play against experienced players.

12. Player's Skill

A player's skill and smarts play a big part in the success of an online table game. In the case of live poker, a player's skill and smarts are simply one of the many factors that play a role in determining his winnings. However, a player's skill and smarts are the most critical factors when winning online poker.

13. Bonus Offers

Online poker sites offer a variety of bonus offers to entice players into signing up for their service. This includes bonus matchings, frequent promotions, and other available opportunities. In contrast, there are no such bonus offers in the play of live poker games. However, many live poker websites offer bonus offers at certain times.

There are so many differences between online poker and live poker games. Online poker is more accessible, convenient, and flexible than any live game. These advantages have made online poker a global phenomenon that has captured the hearts of millions of online players who are now enjoying the freedom and convenience of playing on their home computers or mobile devices. If you are referring to an online poker game, then it is recommended that you play at a top-ranked site to enjoy the full benefits.