How to get an Audience on a YouTube Channel from Scratch


When people think that they are tired of office work and want to earn money online, the first thing that comes to their mind is YouTube. The most difficult thing is to achieve popularity on the service, because now every niche is full. It is difficult to imagine at least one topic that is not covered on the platform. Today we will talk about how you can gain an audience.

Promotion from the first days

The first thing you should think about after posting a couple of videos is promotion. You should connect various methods already in the first weeks of work, because this is the only way you can shorten the process of recruiting an audience.

There are many ways to promote, but we want to recommend the most effective one for you. You need to buy YouTube subscribers on a dedicated site and ensure that your audience grows quickly. This will help you take a step forward and not wait for a wonderful moment when the platform will bring your content to the top.

Live streams

The most trusted are bloggers who interact a lot with viewers. This applies primarily to activity in the comments and answers to questions from viewers. It is also important to conduct live streams where you can talk on any topic with subscribers online.

People like to chat with idols live because it brings them closer to the influencer and creates a friendly atmosphere. To collect all your subscribers to the stream, be sure to make an announcement in advance and remind them on social networks about the start of the broadcast.

Social networks

Now the development of the YouTube channel is almost impossible without other networks. Bloggers talk about their daily lives on Instagram and Facebook, post funny short videos on TikTok, and run messenger channels to talk about the latest events in their lives. All this helps to attract an audience from other platforms to YouTube.

Of course, it also works in reverse. For example, when you buy real YouTube subscribers from an experienced company, users come to you who are ready to subscribe to you on other platforms. So you can increase your fame on all services at once. Naturally, if you need to pay attention to a specific platform and development on it, then you can work on promotion separately there.

You can create different content for different services. For example, if on YouTube you talk about the latest world news and express your position on political and social problems, then on Instagram you can share photos of your family and show what you do in your free time.

Do not forget to attach a link to your channel and always announce the release of new videos. This will help you warm up the audience and awaken in them the desire to wait for your new releases.


Despite the fact that now there are more and more new platforms for publishing content, YouTube still ranks high and is one of the most popular services around the world. In order to succeed there quickly and without difficulties, you should interact with the audience in all possible ways and pay attention to promotion.