How to Choose the Right Slot Machine


How to Choose the Right Slot Machine

It may be hard for you to choose the right slot if you didn’t play at online casino slots before. And it is not strange because there are various themes of slots. First of all, you can choose the slot by its visual looks. You can find slots machines with the following topics:

  • fruit machines;
  • cards, Joker, Las Vegas;
  • Ancient Egypt, pyramids, Aztec gold;
  • pirates, robbers, conquistadors, and archeologists-adventurers;
  • myths and magic of different cultures;
  • funny animals and funny characters.

As you see, the choice is huge, and each player will find something to their taste. You can try all the themes one by one to choose your favourite one.

What should I pay attention to? 

You can predict the winnings and their frequency at Zodiac Casino by various factors. Each slot has its rules and conditions. You can find information about each slot machine on the casino website. Here are the characteristics of the slot that you should pay attention to.

slot machine

●    RTP

RTP is an indicator of the return of money that players bet. It is defined as a percentage. The higher the indicator is, the more money the machine returns from the bets. The RTP can reach 99% in modern slots.

●    Volatility

Volatility is an indicator of risk when playing slots. High-volatility slot machines pay big wins, but the truth is that they rarely let players win. Therefore, they are considered riskier. Low volatility slots give small wins, but you can win more often. Therefore, low volatility slots are safer and recommended for beginners. They are best for minimal bets.

●    Number of return lines

The return line is the direction along which a winning combination can be formed. Slots with a small number of such lines (9-20) usually give higher winnings per combination than slot machines with more lines. However, slots with numerous lines (243) can give big wins because many combinations fall out simultaneously.

Slot Machine

●    Jackpots

Jackpots are the opportunity to get a huge win, a hundred times bigger than ordinary wins. However, not all slots have jackpots. Some casinos create a separate section with the jackpot slot machines. The jackpot can be fixed — in this case, the size of the mega-win is set in advance.

Or progressive — such jackpots grow by the number of bets made on the slot.

●    Bonus games

Some slots offer to play a bonus game after the reels have finished spinning. The player can significantly increase the winnings or lose them completely. You will understand whether it is worth taking bonus games, having learned in advance about the profitability of slot bonuses.

You should also remember about the demo version before starting to bet real money. Thanks to the trial mode, you will be able to understand the sequence of the slot. You will be able to choose the good slot with high winnings wisely, thanks to the advice listed above.