A guide to betting on the NBA

A guide to betting on the NBA
When was the last time you watched an NBA game?
The NBA is an American favorite. You'll struggle to find residents who haven't heard of this iconic basketball league. From keeping up with the scores to watching the games live, there are multiple ways to get involved with this sport.
If you've been a fan for a while and want to take your experience to the next level, consider betting on the NBA. Sports betting is prevalent in all sports, including this exciting league. With a trustworthy sportsbook and the latest odds, you'll be a proficient sports bettor in no time.

But where do you start? Which type of bet should you place? NBA betting involves more than just turning up and placing a wager. You also want to consider odds, betting offers for September and other handy tools.

Ready to get betting? Scroll down to find our complete guide. Enjoy!
What is sports betting?
If sports betting is a whole new world for you, don't worry. We'll give a brief, general explanation of sports betting to help you understand this pastime.
Sports betting involves guessing specific sports results and placing money on outcomes. Any bet or money placed is called a wager. If your chosen event occurs or your team wins, you'll get your wager back – plus winnings as determined by the odds.
Different types of bets will affect your wager differently. Similarly, the odds will also affect your winnings. It's important to be familiar with the odds and type of bet before making a final decision.
Sports bets are usually placed with a sportsbook. This is a dedicated website where users can compare the latest odds to inform their bets. Sportsbooks used to be physical books held at the bookies, but today they're standalone websites or part of an online casino.
Sportsbooks provide more than a place to bet, though! These websites also offer bonus codes, discounts and exciting offers to help you make the most of your money. Many websites offer lucrative sign-up bonuses, so shop around for the best deals before deciding.
Many sportsbooks offer NBA-specific deals when big matches or finals occur. Keep your eyes on the latest deals around the end of the season to snatch up some juicy betting discounts.
Types of NBA bets
When it comes to the NBA, you can make various bets on different in-game aspects. From choosing a final winner to selecting different outcomes, here are some of the most common options for NBA sports bettors:
Moneyline bets
Moneyline bets appear in nearly all sports. This is the most common type of bet, and it's where you select one team you want to win. These bets are informed by moneyline odds, and these can be lucrative if you bet on a team with slim odds.
Moneyline odds are shown with + and - symbols and are used throughout American sports. For example, you will see Atlanta Hawks +600 or Indiana Pacers -300. These change in real time, so keep an eye on the latest numbers.
Spread bets
Spread bets, also known as line bets, are popular in NBA sports betting. Since NBA games see higher scores, bookmakers use these specific bets to equalize each team's chances of winning a wager. You'll often see +15 point spread bets in the NBA, but never in the NFL.
Another popular NBA bet is a total. A total bet refers to the combined score of each team, and the bookmakers create these potential figures. Bettors can then wager on their chosen total – but they don't choose a number.
When wagering on a total, bettors have the option of selecting 'over' or 'under' bets, as it's rare for a total to be 100% accurate. Totals can fluctuate up until the time of the game, so watch the latest odds on a reliable sportsbook.
Finally, another bet NBA sports bettors should know is a futures bet. These bets are usually proposition bets focusing on which team will win the NBA championship or conference. Often, futures focus on teams, but you can also select MVPs and specific players.
Futures odds fluctuate throughout the NBA season, providing some excitement and competition between bettors. It's popular to bet on 'dark horse' teams and favorites. Make sure your NBA knowledge is up to scratch for this bet!
How to choose an NBA sportsbook
Once you've decided on your bets, teams and how much you'll wager, it's time to ensure you're working with a reliable sportsbook.
Like online casinos, sportsbooks come in all shapes and sizes. Some offer all the latest big sports games, whereas others focus on niche iGaming leagues. Choosing a website with NBA betting options is essential.
You must sign up and make an account to start betting on a sportsbook. Before you take the time to fill out the form and place a deposit, give the website a thorough check.
This should include reading previous user reviews and checking the sportsbook's license. You can also double-check that the sportsbook accepts users from your state. The key here is to make sure you can use the sportsbook without worry.
When the sportsbook fits your needs, it's time to sign up and check the latest odds.
General sports betting tips
Before you make your debut in the NBA sports betting world, here are some final tips to make the most of your experience.
  • Set a betting budget and use this to guide your bets.
  • Take time to think before you bet. How has your team been playing this season?
  • Check the latest odds before betting – these change very quickly!
  • Consider reading betting strategies to inform your wagers.
  • Converse with other sports bettors to see how they place wagers.
  • Keep records of your betting.
Finally, the most important betting tip we can offer is to take breaks and stop when it doesn't feel fun any more. Betting should be an enjoyable pastime and a way for you to get involved with sports.
Keep these tips in mind before betting. Many bettors continually update their knowledge to stay ahead of the game.
The takeaway
So, when will you place your first NBA bet? Whether you're new to sports betting or an experienced bettor, ensuring your knowledge is current is always advised. Also, keep up with the latest NBA news to ensure your bets are informed. Good luck!