Why Are the Utes Raising Ticket Prices for the 2022 Football Season?

Why Are the Utes Raising Ticket Prices for the 2022 Football Season?


2021 was a standout year for the Utah Utes. After winning its first ever Pac-12 championship and securing an appearance at the Rose Bowl for the first time, the school’s hierarchy have seen fit to raise the ticket prices for the coming season. On average, season tickets will cost around 12.9% more, equating to roughly $10 to $12 per game.

The hike in prices represents the first increase since 2019 and, according to the management, is entirely justified in terms of the product they’re selling and the current market climate. So what, exactly, are the reasons behind the increase? Here’s a deep dive into the factors which have contributed to the price rise.

Championship pedigree

Although they had made the championship game in three of the previous four seasons, the Utes had never actually lifted the Pac-12 trophy before. That meant that they were something like underdogs going into the final and many savvy bettors took advantage of promotions offered by gambling sites to enjoy a tidy profit on backing them to win the division last year.

Of course, their success means that their odds will shorten dramatically, but it does also mean that the fans will come to expect a higher caliber of performances from their team in the future American football matches. This, in turn, dictates a higher price for the product.

An experience like no other

In the days of on-demand streaming platforms and access-all-areas coverage of sports, football stadiums are in direct competition with the couch in fans’ living rooms. Why fork out for a game ticket when you can enjoy the action from the comfort of your home? For Utes’ fans, it’s the experience. The Rice-Eccles stadium was expanded in 2021 and now holds 51,444 fans, while the south end stand has been closed in and creates a more impactive atmosphere.

That’s especially true during the “moment of loudness” that was instigated by Utah as a way of paying tribute to Aaron Lowe and Ty Jordan, both of whom tragically passed away in 2020 and 2021. Experiencing that surge of emotion is something that simply can’t be replicated through the television.

High demand

Despite expanding the stadium last year, the Utes have no problem at all in filling the additional capacity. Indeed, they have now recorded a whopping 70 consecutive sell-outs at the Rice-Eccles, with over two-thirds (35,202) of tickets sold to season ticket holders. That illustrates the level of unwavering support that Utah residents have shown and continue to show towards their team.

Therefore, the modest increase in prices capitalizes on that high demand, bolstering the revenues of the school without overly impacting on its fan experience.

Competitive pricing

Even though season ticket prices are on the rise, they still represent a very fair option in comparison to the rest of the Pac-12 league. In reaching the decision to raise prices, the school hired an external analytics firm, who discovered that their pricing structure was 21% cheaper than the average amount of their divisional peers.

As a result, they decided to introduce the increase. But even after the new prices are taken into account, Utah still ranks among the middle of stadium prices for the league. “We still want to make sure we’re providing an affordable option for families,” explained Scott Kull, deputy athletic director. “We have 14 different pricing options, which is up from 11 in 2021.”

Although prices have risen at Utah Utes games, they’re still an affordable and enjoyable option for football fans.