How to Get Started with College Sports Betting


How to Get Started with College Sports Betting


If you enjoy watching college sports, you are aware of how distinct NCAA football is from its equivalent in the NFL. For those who wager on sports online, this also means that betting on college football has its peculiarities that are crucial to comprehend and manage.

It might be challenging to keep up with the NCAAF because it has more regular season games and championship games than the NFL. There are a lot of football teams to follow at any one moment throughout the college football season, not to mention all the numerous bowl games.

It might be a bit confusing if you're new to college football betting to try to decipher the odds and understand how the various bet types operate because there is so much going on. Here, you'll get to know the list of the most common and well-liked techniques for wagering on college football.

Online Sports Betting

To fully understand how to bet on sports online, including how to choose the best sportsbook, how to use them safely, how to utilize sportsbooks, and methods for all types of betting categories, you should have a look at this great sports betting guide.

Betting on Single College Football Games

The most common type of wager in sports betting is a single-game wager. You may only wager on one college football game using single-game bets. You win the bet and get paid, in addition to getting your initial stake back if you correctly forecast the result of a national championship game. If your prediction is incorrect, you lose the wager and the money you staked.

Beginners should begin with single-game wagers. Therefore, let's examine the various kinds of single-game wagers available for college football.

Moneyline Bets

This is the least difficult type to comprehend. Moneyline betting is an excellent place for beginner bettors to start when betting on college football or football in general.

You must, simply put, anticipate the outcome of a game when placing a moneyline wager. You win the wager if you predict the winner outright. 

Each team will have different odds assigned to the chance that they will win the competition to account for variances in talent or other inequalities between competitors. If you wager on a team that is seen to be less likely to win, you'll receive a larger reward; yet, if the team is thought to be in control, you'll receive a lesser payout.

Example of a Moneyline Bet

Nevada and New Mexico will meet on August 27, 2022. When you sign in to your online sportsbook, you will see a "line" that looks like this when you sign in:

Nevada -550

The New Mexico States +400

The American odds format, which is the most popular among oddsmakers for football betting, is used to offer these odds. When examining American odds, positive numbers show how much you will win when wagering $100. Negative numbers represent the amount of risk required to get a profit of $100.

In our illustration, the +400 next to The New Mexico States indicates that a bet of $100 that is successful will result in a payment of $500 (i.e., your $100 wager plus a $400 profit).

 Nevada's odds of -500 indicate that you would need to bet $550 to make a profit of $100. Your possible payoff on a $100 stake is $118.18 (your $100 wager plus an $18.18 profit).

Check out odds calculators accessible online to see what you might win based on the odds and the amount you bet.

College Football Spread Betting

You can place a bet on how much a team will win or lose by using the point spread. The underdog is given a chance to win, or at least not lose by more than a certain number of points. They disadvantage the favorite by prohibiting them from winning by more than a certain number of points.

When Nevada travels to New Mexico, Nevada is likely to be the favorite to win. The spread is what makes a game like this worthwhile to wager on. The odds would be as follows:

Nevada -12.5

The New Mexico States +12.5

Nevada is the clear favorite in this case, so they would need to win by at least 13 points for you to collect your winnings. On the other hand, for New Mexico to cover the spread, they would either need to win the game outright or not lose by more than 13 points.

Totals: Over or Under

The OVER/UNDER wager, sometimes known as a total bet, is another wagering option. A certain total number of points is predicted by sportsbooks to be scored in a college football game. You would need to wager on whether the actual total of points scored would be more or lower than the predetermined total.

The over/under for the game between Nevada and New Mexico is 55.5. You would bet on the OVER if you believe the total score will be 56 points or more. You would bet on the UNDER if you believe the total score will be 55 points or less.

Parlay Bets

Parlays are wagers on numerous games that indissolubly link the results, so all of your selections must be accurate for you to win. You may increase your payoff by betting on numerous games at once, but only if all of your choices in the parlay are successful.

 You want to wager on Nevada, but the odds are relatively "short," which means that the possible return is not very alluring when compared to the sum you would have to risk. The potential payoff becomes considerably more alluring if you combine this choice with wagers on other games.

A comparable wager on three hot favorites may return close to +100, while a three-team parlay of narrow favorites could pay out at +300 or +400.


College football wagering will be intriguing in 2022 as many states allow sports betting. It's up to you to choose which online sportsbooks to utilize now that you know how to wager on college football games. Choose those that provide the best bonuses to increase your bankroll. Do not forget to gamble responsibly. Luck!