Top 7 best Basketball-Themed Slots

Basketball is one of the most watched sports in the world. Thus, there is no wonder that games software developers have invested a lot into creating basketball themed slot games for the gamblers. Online casinos feature a plethora of basketball based video slot games and other sports themed slot machines.


Taking into account the high level of their popularity the top specialists from listed 8 of the most popular basketball themed slots on the market today. All of these elite positions are now accessible for play. These days, they are quite popular, and they may help you win more money than ever before. Let's have a look at some of the online slot machines of this sort. These are the best basketball slot games we've ever played.

Slam Dunk - iSoftBet

In a device, you spin to win big prizes that money shot slot provides. If you get all 5 scatter symbols in a row, you earn rewards. Each symbol on the reels is located on a pay line, which is a line that crosses the middle of the screen. Emblems appear at random once you place your odds. You'll get rewarded by a slam dunk slot machine if these images appear in a row. Many characters, like basketball star Michael Jordan or Lebron James, are featured in these apparatuses. Some of the most prominent ones may be found among the popular sports categories. This is the best slot with the NBA theme which will be loved by every player.

Dennis Rodman - Playtech

Even if you've never heard of Dennis Rodman aka "the Worm," his glorious rebound feature surely stayed remembered. All of this adds to the game's colorful backdrop, particularly his bad-boy persona and history of hooking up with A-listers like Madonna. This app is a 5-reel,

20-pay line video slot with up to 37 possible payout lines. On engaged squares, the wild shot feature is shown in the form of a net with a backboard. This slot is great for basketball fans slots lovers.


The reviewers of $15 min deposit casinos have called this one a favorite. They have provided a list of reputable low-risk sites where it is possible to find a slot, and start enjoying the experience.

Slot Dunk - Pragmatic Play

Slot Dunk is a unique basketball themed slot game released by Pragmatic Play. It is a 5 reel, 20 payline slots that also features free spins with the prizes up to 17, 400 coins to win. If you finally land five of them on a successful pay line, you may earn up to 13,000 coins and a unique money shot bonus round, too. If you get lucky, there is a possibility of winning an impressive jackpot reward.

The game’s symbols include a fun cartoon character. This isn't surprising, given that famous basketball clubs like the Portland Trail Blazers and the Sacramento Kings have large cats as mascots.

Basketball- Evoplay Entertainment

Evoplay Entertainment's slot machine is a simple yet authentic game. Bonuses are plentiful in this basketball-themed 5-reel, 20-row video slot. It includes imaginary squad trademarks, jackets, and a burning dispersion. Using five reels and 20 paylines, the game offers an entirely new experience. The RTP is 94.8 percent, making it a "high to low hazard" slot, relying on the game's characteristics.

Basketball Star - Microgaming

Every emblem included in this game has some connection to basketball. To win $2.40 from a $1 stake, you must connect five Gold Medals from the reviewed top basketball slots. Using this game’s Star logo might help you construct a "wild stack" of winnings. This is a wild symbol that may occur on rolling reels 3, 4, and 5 reels at any time. An 18-symbol stack may be found on reel 3, a 25-symbol layer on reel 4, and a three-symbol stack on reel 5.

Basketball Star

This collection of online slot apps is without a doubt one of the most famous online casino games on this subject. It's a 5-reel, 243-ways-to-win. It was published at the end of 2015 by Microgaming, and has seen tremendous growth since then. The developers are known not only thanks to this beloved basketball themed slot game, but also for the Microgaming $1 deposit casinos which reviews call them the most trusted sites for a fun adventure without big investments needed.

Slam Funk Scratchcard – Microgaming

Slam Funk game features many interesting things if you're willing to win cash prizes but also if you’re interested in the golden days of this fantastic sport and want to relive them. We decided to include this scratch ticket activity and vintage nightclub into the slots list to give some variation. As one of the greatest online game creators, it has created Slam Funk, and it may thrill you in the same way as rotating the reels into wild characteristics would if you've never experienced scratching previously. Slam Funk is a scratch card with a 3x3 layout that provides an immediate win. Multipliers are also included, allowing you to increase your winnings even more. You may earn enormous money by peeling the boards of this game to reveal the 1980s' hidden mysteries.

Basketball – RealTime Gaming

It’s fair to state that this app features dozens of attractive details. This 5-reel 25-pay line apparatus from RealTime Gaming has a wildlife description and is a perennial favorite among the audience. Since the Chicago Bulls and their individuals refer to themselves as "wild bulls" in the world’s strongest league, it's no wonder that these strong creatures are such a significant motif. When playing the game, individuals should keep an eye out for special characteristics like wild signs, scattered emblems, a free spins feature, and winning bonus features. As added bonus symbols, This slot has a maximum jackpot payout of 10 free spins, 25 free spins, 10,000 coins, and an RTP of 95%.


There are many different ways to have fun practicing with basketball themed games which contain a maximum bet range of mainstream events all over the world.  There are many different ways to have good times with activities and virtual basketball players. The niche market for video slot games is one that will continue to exist in the digital era. The thrill of the journey never wears off as the popular casinos provide complimentary spins, and with some little tweaks here and there, these events will stand the test of time. If you are the sort of person who enjoys immediate excitement and dependable gaming, then the famous activities that have been put out for you above are just what you need.