Is Riding Ebike Better Than Running On The Aspect Of Exercising?

Is Riding Ebike Better Than Running On The Aspect Of Exercising?
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Cycling and running are both aerobic exercises that are very helpful for our health and body maintenance. This article will compare cycling and running for calorie burn, health benefits, and injury risk.
Calorie Burn
Whether riding electric bikes or running, the amount of calories burned depends on many factors, such as speed, terrain, body weight, and individual metabolism... Heavier people burn more calories when they do both exercises, while lighter people burn less calories. 
The table below shows the maximum calorie burn for a 150lbs man while cycling and running. Speed is in miles per hour (mph).
The next table provides a reference basis for evaluating the calorie burn per hour of exercise at different body weights. The unit is in pounds (lb).
Also, some people can ride longer distances than when they run, and this is a factor that affects overall calorie burn.
Benefits for Bones
The long-term benefits of running for bone health are greater than cycling because running has a greater impact on bones than cycling. Research suggests that, in the long run, high-impact activities require the use of bone tissue to inform the pancreas to help metabolism to meet the body's needs. Compared with running, cycling has lower compression and impact on the joints. Cycling can help reduce arthritis, increase joint lubrication, and reduce pain and stiffness. 
According to a 2011 report, cycling may be less beneficial for bone health than running or other weight-bearing exercise. Another study suggested that cycling does not cause more damage to bone health than a sedentary lifestyle, although researchers have yet to find an effect of cycling on bone health. Riding long distances may also be unhelpful for bone health, because bones release calcium into the bloodstream, making them more fragile.
Benefits for Avoiding Diseases
A large study of 263,450 people found that cycling to work was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all-cause mortality. It has also been found that walking to work can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Another study found that cycling was beneficial for recovery from stroke and heart rate recovery after exercise.
Risk of Injury
The knee is the most commonly injured part of running. Other common running injuries include: foot, leg (including thigh and Achilles tendon), pelvis, back
and shin splints (inflammation near the shin bone). You may have experienced pain on the inside of your shinbone, and you may need rest, ice, and stretching to relieve the pain. According to expert research, you need 2 weeks to recover. In one study comparing runners to cyclists, runners had greater muscle damage, muscle soreness, and inflammation than cyclists after 3 days of intense training.
Then the following are common injuries and pains associated with cycling: Knee pain, headache, neck pain, back pain, wrist or forearm pain/paralysis, foot numbness or tingling. If you have an old injury, especially in one of the above areas, you may need to consult your doctor if cycling is safe for you. In addition, other protective measures may also be required when exercising.
Cycling Gains Happiness
While cycling, the brain immediately feels the pressure, the pressure on the heart increases, and the brain assumes that you are fighting or fleeing, and it releases a substance called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF for short. It plays a role in protecting and repairing memory neurons. Just like a computer crash and restart, we will feel relaxed and happy after riding. At the same time, the brain releases endorphins. According to the study, these endorphins minimize the discomfort of exercise and reduce pain, and the study also said that endorphins may be related to the excitement after exercise.
You might say that cycling regularly, or cycling every day, is always easier said than done. But the truth is, once you get used to riding every day, habit forces you to keep going.
According to Charles Duhigg's book "The Power of Habit," exercising every day not only makes you happy, it also affects other details of your life. For example, it makes you more energetic, so you can work more efficiently and get more happiness. Therefore, go outside with your big toys and enjoy your cycling life!
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