The Best NBA Draft Prospects in the 2022 NCAA Tournament

The Best NBA Draft Prospects in the 2022 NCAA Tournament
Some players will cement their status as big prospects for the 2022 NBA Draft. They are going to build a name for themselves and make their mark on the tournament. Here, we have the list of best players every fan should follow during the 2022 NCAA Tournament.
The players mentioned below are full of talent and are capable of winning many NBA odds for bettors who keep an eye on them.
The Best NBA Draft Prospects of 2022
Paolo Banchero (Duke)
His first game: Duke (2) - CSU Fullerton (15)
Duke's star freshman is a versatile winger who can do just about anything on the basketball court. Logically, he is one of the three prospects expected as credible 1st picks for 2022. The talent of Paolo Banchero - the ability to play in positions 3 and 4 and be a permanent mismatch on the field give the Blue Devils a solid chance of winning the title as a retirement gift for Coach K.
Paolo Banchero averaged 17.1 points, 7.7 rebounds, and three assists to make Duke a No. 2 seed this season. LaPhonso Ellis, the former NBA player, recently said on ESPN that "nobody in the United States was able to defend on this guy one on one."
A dominant and successful NCAA Tournament would solidify the ratings of former WNBA player Rhonda Smith's son for the NBA Draft.
Chet Holmgren (Gonzaga)
His first game: Gonzaga (1) - Georgia State (16)
The term "unicorn" is sometimes misused, but there's no denying that Chet Holmgren is in that vein. Gonzaga is one of those modern big men, capable of dribbling and distributing the game in an almost virtuoso way while shooting. Holmgren has those things up his sleeve and an exceptional defensive ability when it comes to circle protection.
Some people wonder if his physique, still quite lean despite progress in his gameplay during his freshman year, will hold up in the NBA. That's not the question yet, since his body has allowed him to shine at the university level and finally inspire him to win a championship title.
The Bulldogs did not need to rely exclusively on him to perform this season, as the team is solid. However, Victor Wembanyama's rival during the last youth world tournament with Team USA still has 14 points, 9.5 rebounds, and 3.6 blocks on average.
Jabari Smith (Auburn)
His first game: Auburn (2) - Jacksonville State University (15)
We find Jabari Smith in n°1 in almost every Mock Draft these last weeks. Technically, the boy already has mechanics and achievements far above the rest, with an offensive strike force that we can imagine without difficulty being translated into the NBA.
To make matters worse, Smith is already a good defender capable of raising his voice on that side of the field and defending the lead from several positions when the need arises. His talent isn't quite finished yet - He's younger than his two rivals for 1st pick status - but what he has in store today is already the stuff of dreams.
With 17 points and seven rebounds on average at almost 43% and 3 points, the son of the former NBA player of the same name and cousin of Kwame Brown is one of the best draft picks. It was to envision a nice run for Auburn and Jabari Smith in this 2022 NCAA Tournament.