5 Best defensive midfielders in the world

5 Best defensive midfielders in the world

The defensive midfield is a unique position in modern soccer. The player must be able to play both offense and defense, which makes it difficult for him/her because there are no set rules on what he or she needs at any given time - all decisions depend upon the coach's orders.

The defensive midfielders are often tasked with stopping attacks through the midfield. They need physical strength, intelligence and anticipation in order to do so effectively. It is not an easy task because they also have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders when playing ball-winning passes across defense or kicking balls out from defensive positions into attack range for counterattacks.

Here are the five best defensive midfielders in the world right now.

5. Rodri

Games played: 48

Goals: 4

Assists: 5

Created scoring chances: 43

Passing accuracy: 92.3%

Tackles: 91

For all of his passing skills, Rodri has been able to effectively combine those talents with an impressive amount of physicality and robust tackling. The Spaniard's creativity even extends into the attacking third as he strives for more goals this season than any other player at Man City – including notable performances against Liverpool and Chelsea FC alike.

Rodri had a standout season in 2021, winning the Premier League title and reaching the Champions League final with Man City.

4. Fabinho

Games played: 35

Goals: 1

Assists: 1

Created goal chances: 11

Passing accuracy: 89.1%

Tackles: 63

Fabinho is a "beacon of light" according to Jürgen Klopp and provides clarity in Liverpool's aggressive system. It would be hard to find someone more fitting for this role than him. He went one better by playing center back during an unimaginable injury crisis, showing just how much he cares about his team while cutting out any mistakes that could cost them vital points on match day.

His signing in 2018 was a stroke of genius. Since then, he has developed into one of the best players in defensive midfield.

3. Joshua Kimmich

Games played: 45

Goals: 6

Assists: 9

Created goal chances: 125

Passing accuracy: 88.3%

Tackles: 63

Joshua Kimmich is one of Germany's most important players. He has been an integral part in helping Germany win three World Cups and two European Championships, not to mention his club side Bayern Munich winning multiple Bundesliga titles since 2017. His seamless transition from defense-to midfield makes him the perfect player for this philosophy known as "total soccer."

In today’s world where everyone wants more offense but less defense; it can sometimes be difficult finding balance between those two concepts until you have someone like Joshua who excels at both sides.

Kimmich is not one to shy away from the responsibility that comes with being attack-minded. He sets up his teammates often and efficiently, which makes him an effective attacking player as well; he even ranks high on statistics like assists for created goals chances.

2. Jorginho

Games played: 44

Goals: 8

Assists: 2

Created goal chances: 39

Passing accuracy: 90%

Tackles: 101

Jorginho is a controversial figure at Chelsea since he arrived in 2018 for Maurizio Sarri. While some fans adore him, others are deeply divided on the matter and find themselves booing their new midfield talisman when he plays poorly or makes mistakes which isn't surprising considering how much scrutiny athletes face off-the field as well (and this includes footballers).

However it turns out that Jorgen's reputation might have been deserved after all - because while most people will agree there hasn’t really been any good news coming from Stamford Bridge lately; one ray of sunshine emerged last summer.

1. N'Golo Kanté

Games played: 37

Goals: 2

Assists: 1

Created goal chances: 28

Passing accuracy: 85.2%

Tackles: 68

Kante has been Chelsea's most influential player for many years now, and it seems ridiculous when you think back on how people tried to minimize his magical powers just a year ago. But with enough champagne in your system, there is no stopping Kante.

Kante truly deserves top spot as the best defensive midfielder; not only does he provide support through tackles like nobody else can--even if they're behind enemy lines-but also brings incredible presence.

He is an understated creative force with marvellous defensive qualities. As seen at Chelsea FC and on the international stage, he has developed into one of France's most important footballers.

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