Rust: How To Get A Fast Start In The Wipe

Rust: How To Get A Fast Start In The Wipe


Do not get shocked to find your progress wiped each day in Rust. Click here to find ways to get a fast start in the Wipe!

Don’t you think Rust is one of the most challenging and fascinating games ever? Rust is a survival game that is challenging for the players. You can either get stuck in a death loop or fall victim to animals, radiation, cold, and starvation.

However, Rust receives forced wipes monthly that delete everything that players have created from the server. Can you believe wipe eradicates the buildings and objects from the map? The latest update even wipes blueprints that make rebuilding more difficult.

A forced wipe results in loss of player progress. So, you ought to know how to survive and rebuild going forward. Here is the way to play fast in the Wipe.

Observe the map

Take some time to look at the map before you start doing anything. Find a place on the map that works based on your playstyle. If you like heavy PVP set up on the road near a big monument, then a dome is a pretty good option for it. However, find a place out of the way if you prefer a sneaky approach. It is better to start sooner at the start of the Wipe.

Collect resources

Prioritize collecting wood, hemp, food, and stone on the way to the first base location. You will find wood and stone everywhere on the island to collect them enough to build a starter base. Stone nodes are giant boulders that will shimmer when you approach them. Harvested hemp yields cloth that you will need for clothing and a sleeping bag. The early game foods will be plants that you can harvest along the river shores.

Try to build at least two rooms with locked doors and pile up your stock in the last room. Lock your door behind you first, as your stash is worth more than the other items.


You can choose to loot or lock yourself up in the base during the night for safety. Ocean barrel piles and small monuments are the two best locations to collect required scrap and metal. Small monuments have no radiation threat while posing a little less PVP threat. Similarly, the ocean is relatively safer to use. You can take the help of Rust Cheats with ESP to carry hidden loot and increase survival chances in the game.


Another crucial step in Rust's progression is getting enough scrap and metal fragments to construct a workbench. You will require at least a level one workbench to craft low-tier weapons, clothing, and ammo. However, higher-level workbenches provide good quality items but require more scrap and metal fragments. Once you have enough clothing and weapons, you can move to more significant monuments for effective looting.

PVP in the Wipe

It is tough to appeal to the early game PVP overbuilding and farming. However, PVP is not rewarding in the fee hours of the game as most PMCs have only stone and wood in the inventory. Let me tell you that you will be miles ahead in the game's competition by emphasizing farming.

Once you can survive with a second secure base and a level 3 workbench, it will be the right time for PVP. Loot rewards will be worth the risk you took, and most solo enemies will be at a disadvantage.

Avoid lightning

Do not commit the mistake of lighting a fire at night! Doing so will make you a target for the rival players, so it is better to stay in the dark. Ensure you check food supplies before the night and cook during the daytime. However, if there is an urgent need to cook food at night, do it away from your base to avoid attracting enemies.

Prevent decaying of base

Buildings do not last in the Wipe. So, your base will decay over time, but you are the one who can prevent it from decaying. You should build a tool cupboard from wood and place it on your base. Try to put some amount of building materials inside the cupboard. Keep in mind before starting your mansion that a bigger base will need more maintenance.


The forced Wipe is a regular part of Rust for experienced players. But you need to be careful while playing with it, especially the newcomers, as they will be surprised to find their progress wiped. The above ways will lead you to get a fast start in the Rust Wipe. Enjoy the Wipe!