A Look at the Top Basketball Recruits for 2022


In this college basketball season, first-years usually dominate games. First-years are crucial to teams' games. This is why commits, school visits, and recruiting are important to coaches. The need to restock talent from high schools is an unignorable one. That is why, even though the season barely started, coaches are already looking ahead to the next recruiting class.


The Blue Devils currently lead other schools in recruiting, 247Sports reports. Duke looks set to dominate this recruiting class thanks to the wealth of talent they have recruited. Yet schools like Arkansas, Alabama, and Kansas are right on Duke’s tail. If those schools can pull ahead, they have a better chance of a deep run into March Madness.


Here is a look at the high schoolers who could dominate next year.




Brandon Miller, the third-best small forward, committed to Alabama in November. The Cane Ridge (Antioch, TN) superstar is versatile, smooth, and athletic. Miller is defensively proficient, having the ability to guard multiple positions. He will add a lot to Alabama next year.


Yohan Traore is fast, a good shooter, and strong. Those three qualities alone gave the Dream City Christian (Glendale, AZ) center offers from Kentucky, Gonzaga, UCLA, and more. Traore, the third-best center in the nation, said he will plan his commitment “pretty soon.”


Nick Smith will bring his natural scoring ability and distributing abilities to Arkansas. The five-star combo guard is an asset on defense, but he will need to improve to make a substantial impact defensively. Expect the North Little Rock guard to be one of the best scorers in Arkansas next year.


Kyle Filipowski, the second-best center in the 2022 recruiting class, is a sweet shooter and a skilled ball handler. Filipowski has good balance and agility, but he will need to show his defensive talent to separate himself from the rest of the pack. The Massachusetts star will provide lethality to a loaded Duke side.


Cason Wallace is one of the best combo guards. Defensively speaking, Wallace is one of a kind. The guard is a solid scorer. But to get better, Wallace will need to refine his scoring skill. The number one basketball player in Texas will take his talents to Kentucky.


Chris Livingston is one of the best recruits in the 2022 class. He is astoundingly athletic and has a lot of balance. The Oak Hill (Mouth of Wilson, VA) small forward can shoot, handle the ball. He is a pinpoint passer. Livingston’s defense will help Kentucky next year.


Dariq Whitehead, the fourth-best basketball player in the nation, is a player that can do it all. He is agile, strong, a skilled shooter, a solid defender, and a pinpoint passer. The best small forward will play for Duke but not without leading his Montverde Academy to a potential state title.


Keyonte George will lead Baylor’s 2022 recruiting class with his refined talent. George is not the most athletic in this class, but he is one of the best shooters. The IMG Academy shooting guard is also a good ball-handler and can defend well. The best shooting guard will help Baylor in its Big 12 title pursuit. 


Amari Bailey will add a lot to UCLA with his speed and strength. The Sierra Canyon combo guard has good court vision and has a good jump shot. Bailey can find open teammates on the fastbreak and is more than willing to put a defender on a poster. Bailey will bring his high-flying talent and basketball skill to Los Angeles next year.


Dereck Lively II is the top basketball recruit (for now). Lively II is a seven-foot-one center and a threat in the paint. His rebounding skill and endurance on the court wooed many high-profile coaches. He plays at Westtown School (Bellefonte, PA) but has seen offers from all over America. Lively II, a defensive menace, will help Duke succeed in the ACC next year.



There are still plenty of recruits that could make teams into genuine contenders for the D1 title. The number nine ranked player, Yohan Traore, is currently fielding offers from Gonzaga, UCLA, and Kentucky. Traore could even go professional, putting a dent in multiple schools’ plans for the future.

Although Traore holds power over this class, he is not the only option for recruiters. Here are five elite players that could be a late addition for recruiters. Remember that overseas leagues and the G League are options for all these players.


Anthony Black is one of Texas’ top-three players. He is flirting with Oklahoma State and Gonzaga. The Duncanville guard doubled as a wide receiver, giving him athleticism and quick hands on the defensive end. Black can show his class on offense as well. The 6’7’’ combo guard is an elite playmaker and an agile force on offense.


Zion Cruz of Donda Academy (Simi Valley, CA) is one of the best shooting guards in this recruiting class. Cruz has a big physique that renders him lethal on the court. He is a good shooter, but he tends to shoot shots from difficult places. Cruz is an elite ballhandler and is a good defender as well. The number five Californian player is most attracted to Auburn and Memphis.


Texas A&M and Florida are the two frontrunners to woo power forward Eric Dailey Jr. One of the better forwards in the 2022 class, Dailey is big and strong. You can count on the IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) product to finish his shots and set up others on the court. 


Sadraque Nganga, the fourth-best Arizonan player in the nation, is a power forward who can shoot well. Nganga, a Compass Prep (Chandler, AZ) star, shines on defense. His large build allows him to stifle players and prevent easy scorers. Nganga is most likely to play for Kentucky, but Maryland and UCLA are contenders.


Kamari Lands is a small forward who can shoot well and rip to the basket expertly. He is most likely to play for Arizona State, but Louisville could be a sleeper candidate for Lands’ signature. The Hillcrest Prep (Phoenix, AZ) superstar is a versatile defender and a solid shooter. One of the biggest things he needs to work on is his dribbling skills. If he works on it, Lands will become an elite player.