Casino Slots: Myths and Reality

Casino Slots: Myths and Reality

The Internet is a vast pool of information. You can find detailed data on just about everything, including casino slots. Accessing info with a few clicks is amazing, but it comes with some loopholes.

Some of the info available on the Internet is published by individuals who either have limited knowledge or are ignorant about the facts. Resultantly, the people who consume that content fall into the trap of myths.

To understand slots casino online, you first need to dispel those myths and become an educated player. This article lists out the most common myths that have been rolled out on the Internet. Read on to know the realities behind them.

Myth – Online Casinos Rig the Slot Games

This perhaps is one of the most popular myths about online slots. In online gaming, players don’t have direct access to the dealer. Additionally, the slot machine isn’t available physically, so most players believe that online sites have rigged games that favor the house.

However, this isn’t true since:

  • Many regulators require these casinos to abide by specific regulations. Only then would they be able to acquire a valid license.
  • Regulatory bodies also conduct regular audits to ensure that all casino games are played fairly.
  • In reality, today, players have complete knowledge of online games, and they have ways to check the discrepancies using algorithms and odds of the game.

Thus, online casino slots cannot be rigged. However, in most cases, players end up with more hands, especially in live sessions, which means their bankroll dips quickly.

Myth – Slot Machine Lever Pulling Increases the Probabilities of Winning

Choosing to pull the slot’s machine lever could slow down your play to some extent, but that doesn’t mean it will enhance your chances of winning the game. It will only reduce the average amount that, as a player, you could lose every hour (which has a negligible effect on the game).

Let’s say you play 400 spins every hour if you press the button. If you use the lever instead, the number of spins could be reduced to an hourly of 350 spins. Resultantly, there is a change in the odds of winning because you have made fewer bets every hour. So it has nothing to do with pulling the lever.

Myth – Online Casino Sites Don’t Release the Player’s Winning Amount

The players who haven’t been able to withdraw their winnings have most probably chosen illegal or unreliable casino sites for online gaming. With countless players playing casino slots across the globe, a few have been cheated out with money withdrawals. But the percentage is relatively small.

Online casinos may take some time to process payouts due to identity verification, or players may face long withdrawal requests pending periods, etc.

These techniques to keep players’ money on the platform are similar to those practiced at in-house casinos, where visitors are offered a free meal or drink at a live table. But ultimately, if you play on a legit site, you are sure to get your earnings.

Myth – Casino Slots Online Don’t Offer the Opportunity to Improve the Odds of Winning

Players can improve their odds of winning when trying their hands at online slot games. The most amazing part of online gaming is that gamers can choose slot games meeting their interests and preference. It means players have better odds of winning comparatively.

It is to be noted that games with high denominations offer higher winning odds. The ones with too many video bonuses pay less. Video slots bonus games are more time-consuming in comparison to the simple reels. Hence, the casino platform makes up by setting the lower payback percentage on these machines.

Myth – Using a Slots Club Card Means You Have Fewer Chances to Win

The theory says that casinos offering slot machine games want their players to win less to recoup the rebates and perks provided to the individuals. But in fact, the amount spent on discounts, rebates, and offers is negligible.

It has an insignificant effect on the earnings of online casinos. Also, the slot machine software can’t change the random number generator system. So even if the card isn’t inserted, the program will remain the same.


Trying your hand at online slot machines is one of the best ways to enjoy online gaming. It’s filled with excitement, offers a moment of pure bliss and blind fun. But if you think that some goofy casino slots myths will either make you lose or help you win the game, then you are wrong.

Keep this fact in mind that the results of a slot machine are random. Subsequently, the odds of winning at an online casino slot are also random. So, trusting any random fact available on the Internet will do you no good!