Things You Didn’t Know About Progressive Slot Machines

Things You Didn’t Know About Progressive Slot Machines
When we think of betting, Vegas comes to mind, and Vegas triggers the imagination of a string of embezzled slot machines and people winning jackpots on them. These machines work on a progressive winning principle. This means that there is base money on the game, and every time someone makes a bet and loses, the bet money adds to the jackpot, which increases the pool. 
At the end of the day, casinos witness a huge jackpot and people fight hard to win it. Today, progressive slots are not a rarity, and in every state where gambling is legal, these machines are a huge hit. Here are five unknown facts about progressive slot machines that you didn’t know. 
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Ever heard about Megabucks?
Megabucks is the god of progressive slots in Nevada. Slot machines have always been an attraction in Nevada and it is no surprise that the machine with the biggest pool is situated here. The jackpot stands at a staggering 10 million dollars and more than 750 slots make their humble contribution towards this. 
These 750 machines are spread across several casinos situated in Nevada. Nevada does not have a lottery tradition because progressive slots have the same winning odds of 50 million to 1. Also, the maximum paying bet is 3$, and if you bet less than this, you won’t be eligible for the jackpot prize. 
You can either cash out the 60% winning amount immediately or receive an annuity from the jackpot for 25 years. This is a great way for the casinos to earn good money.
Megabucks is cursed
Every good thing comes with its own shenanigans and stories. Salty people who failed to win the contest started an urban legend that people who win Megabucks are likely to die young. 
This story originated from an unfortunate incident that happened with a cocktail waitress who won 34 million dollars. The waitress got caught in a car wreck due to a drunk driver’s negligence and was paralyzed. The waitress’s sister died a week after the wreck, which fueled this ongoing legend. 
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Progressive jackpots can go in your favor too
We know how progressive slots do not offer many winning odds. This is because no one really knows the progressive pool or payback percentage. However, with progressive video game jackpots, you can keep a check on the pool and calculate the break-even point. 
Once the amount surpasses the break-even point, you can place a large enough bet to turn the tides in your favor. However, this is just a blanket plan, you can change the strategy based on the size of the pool. Several online progressive video games such as poker interest seasoned gamblers because of the tilted odds. 
Slots club card isn’t cursed
One popular myth associated with slot machines is that your winning odds reduce if you play with your club card. This cannot be true logically. The slot machines work on an algorithm that generates random numbers and sequences. 
This algorithm is unaware of the input source. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are playing with your club card or coins, the winning odds remain the same.