The review of the best sites linked to sports in Australia



Top Australian sports sites

Suppose you are a fan of the sport and currently reside in Australia (for instance, you often visit sportingbet com au and place bets there or watch games regularly). In that case, the material given below will be extremely useful for you. So, let's start the journey!

Australian Web Sites

Top 5 resources you need to consider

In the list given below, you can look through the best stuff for today, which is considered to be the most informative and valuable for the readers. Here they are:

  • Sporting News Australia. This one is a version of the US website, and by reading this, you get to know about all the basic events going on. Besides, by entering this resource, you have a chance to look through some gossip and opinions from the public. It was opened in 1999 and dealt with NRL, football, rugby, NBA, cricket;
  • AthletesVoice. This platform is new (launched in 2017), but it has already managed to gain immense popularity among the readers. The resource suggests browsing real accounts from the coaches and athletes. Here, you can enjoy the stuff from famous sports stars like Nick Kyrgios, Jeff Horn, etc.;
  • Fox Sports. The resource is comparatively old (opened to the public in 1996) and deals mainly with cricket, boxing, golf, tennis, AFL, etc. As you can judge from its name, it has to deal with the TV resource with the same name. Opinions, features, and news are what you can expect to get acquainted with here. What is also valuable, you can face a thorough analysis of what is going on in the world of Australian sports too;
  • ESPN Australia. It was launched in the previous century, and therefore, it can be considered a reliable resource for the public. Some of the directions it covers are as follows: Major League Soccer, FA Cup, College Basketball. AAP articles of the best quality are what is suggested by those who fill the website with the material;
  • The Roar. Well, it was created in 2007, so we cannot really call it old or new. There is one great feature: there are both experts and amateurs stuff, so you see the events from different angles and points of view. The comments from the readers are filled with real dedication here.

Is there anything else to look through?

Indeed, the list given above can't be considered a full one. It was just the top, and in this section, we will add up some more materials you can look through.

1. We bet that you might have heard this name because people love it immensely. One of the brightest features is the great statistics section;
2. In case you are a fan of this game, you just need to visit this because you will like the detailed content given here;
3. Much has changed here so today it looks different from the way it used to;
4. One of the sites dedicated to the particular kind of sport with great writers of content;
5. ESPN Cricinfo. A great one for the genuine fans of cricket. History and statistics sections are the strong sides of this resource for sure;
6. Statistics, videos, and previews are the things clients enjoy the most here. Due to the high quality, the site has many dedicated users;
7. Zero Tackle and Zero Hanger. These resources cover everything happening in the world of rugby in Australia. Here, you have a chance to find only the most relevant data regarding this sports;
8. Green and Gold Rugby. There is a lot to enjoy, for instance, previews, opinions, podcasts, everyday updated news, so you are not going to get bored here for sure;
9. Rugby League Project. A very detailed one not just for regular readers but also for the journalists and historians;
10. Big Footy. This one is designed for the fans of different forums. So, here, the entertainment is what people are looking for;
11. If you wish to learn a lot about the sport's history, you will just love it.

Some other resources include Rugby Pass, Making The Nut, and others. Good luck exploring them!