Odds to Win March Madness

Odds to Win March Madness
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It’s not hard to place a bet today on the NCAA Tournament. The key is finding a site with the best odds. Here’s more great news: you can get a suitable website and all you need with ease! The 68 college basketball team tournament called March Madness is one of the most engaging sports events in the spring. With major players like Cade, Garza, and Butler, there’s a lot to expect.
For the best outcomes in your wager, it’s imperative to know some of the trends in March Madness. With a good idea of specific facts and statistics relating to the odds, you should make a great prediction. Keep reading to know more about the odds to win the NCAA tournament.
Gonzaga Has the Best Odds for 2022
The Gonzaga Bulldogs are the early betting favorite to win the 2022 March Madness. Although there’s nothing like a sure bet, you can have a high probability. An example to learn from is the previous quest by the Bulldogs to earn a perfect season. It was unfortunate that their efforts didn’t win them the title, thanks to the Baylor Bears.
Will this season of March Madness be different? There’s no certainty that Gonzaga might even make it as far as the finals. Last season, Baylor served as the odds breaker of the tournament, having opened at +800 to win.
There’s a high possibility that most bookmakers experienced a less financial boom in the last season. According to Forbes, this is due to wagers on the Bears covering the 4.5 point spread or outright win. Apart from the straight win and points spreads, it significantly affected the futures betting market.
The odds to win March Madness still open with Gonzaga as a favorite, but now it isn’t as steep as the previous season. Currently, the squad sits comfortably with odds values of 9-1. Next to the Bulldogs is the Bears opening at 12-1.
Here are the top five opening odds for the 2022 NCAA Tournament:
1.     Gonzaga: 9-1
2.     Baylor: 12-1
3.     UCLA: 12-1
4.     Florida State: 14-1
5.     Michigan: 14-1
Three Teams Predicted to Play Better Than Baylor
Without a doubt, Baylor Bears found their way into the NCAA Tournament Finals and won the title based on skill in 2021. If your wager favored the Bears last season, then that, fortunately, won you a massive return. Watch out for the upcoming season because the tables may turn. Here are three teams that experts predict to play close or better than Baylor in the 2022 NCAA Tournament:
1.     UCLA – The UCLA Bruins have a record of winning 11 NCAA titles total and seven consecutive ones between 1967 and 1973. With Mick Cronin as the 14th head coach, they have an opening at 12-1. Some primary hands in the squad include Jules Bernard, Cody Riley, Johnny Juzang, and Jaime Jaquez Jr.
2.     Michigan – The Michigan Wolverines opened at odds of 14-1 for the upcoming March Madness. This college basketball team seems to have all it takes to work their way up the finals. The squad has significant players like Hunter Dickinson and Brandon Johns Jr. returning to warm their hands on the court. Other prominent athletes like Brooks and Smith are also important.
3.     Gonzaga – The Bulldogs may bring the rage of their last loss in the NCAA finals right into March Madness. From the odds, it’s evident that the team may play better than the Baylor Bears in the 2022 season. One of the expert players for the Bulldogs is Jalen Suggs. He has a record of 5.5 rebounds, 1.9 steals, 4.5 assists, and 14.0 points.
Teams to Consider for Massive Payouts
Apart from Gonzaga, UCLA, and Baylor, there are other teams you can place your wagers on in bookies. These squads include Syracuse, Virginia, and Michigan. The three teams have a reputation for impressive plays, but they don’t have the best odds. Michigan has the closest odds to the top teams, with an opening at 14-1.
Syracuse Orange currently stands with odds at 28-1 in bookies. Hence, most sportsbooks appear to have low expectations. The team won the NCAA Tournament in 2003. Currently, Jim Boeheim coaches major players like J. Ajak, F. Anselem, J. Bartley, and B. Boeheim.
The Virginia Cavaliers also stand side by side with Syracuse with odds of 28-1 for the 2022 March Madness. They won the NCAA Tournament Championship in 2019. Virginia also made their way to the Final Four three times. So, this upcoming season may be suitable for them.
What to Expect in the 2022 NCAA Tournament
From the odds to win March Madness, it’s evident that the competition is between Gonzaga and the other four teams closest in ranking. You may also decide to place wagers on other teams like Syracuse and Virginia for a big payout. Consider utilizing tips from reputable sources before placing your bet for 2022 March Madness.