Gonzaga Bulldogs Favorites for NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship 2022

Gonzaga Bulldogs Favorites for NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship 2022
If there’s one thing we do right here in the US, it’s giving our young athletes of the future the best start possible through college. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is ideal for young sports players to ply their trade while also studying. It’s also been invaluable in helping shape many big sports, such as football and basketball, giving us new players for the NFL draft or basketball stars of tomorrow.
But before we even get there, there’s still the beauty of college basketball to enjoy. In particular, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship 2022. It might seem a long way off, but bookies have already got their favorites in place, and they’re rarely wrong. So, we’ve taken a look at the top teams they’ve got in their sights.
Return to triumph for the Bulldogs
After last year’s upset, losing 86-70 to the Baylor Bears and upsetting their undefeated run, the Gonzaga Bulldogs will be looking to retake their crown at the next championship. They have been a constant force in the NCAA, and following on from last year’s defeat, the squad is only growing stronger. So strong, in fact, that the bookies are already tipping them at 7/1 to retake the crown.
Like each year in college basketball, players leave, which can be detrimental to the team, but the Bulldogs have a constant supply of top talent each year. Not to mention that Andrew Nembhard will still be starting and will most likely be topping the offensive rankings again this season. Then there’s the toughness and imposing presence of Anton Watson, another player returning this year who acts as a talisman for many a winning match. And, of course, Drew Timme returns, hitting shots from practically anywhere around the court. With this trio at the core of the team, the Bulldogs are already in a good place.
As well as a robust team of remaining players, the incoming players to the team should help bring the championship back. Gonzaga is known for recruiting the best talent, so watch out for Hunter Sallis and Chet Holmgreen, who have already demonstrated the skills needed to win an NCAA crown. A top coach and one of the best rosters in the country – there’s no wonder that the latest odds from US-bookies have the Bulldogs top of the list.
The best of the rest
While the sportsbooks have placed the best odds for the Bulldogs, we can’t forget about the other contenders for the championship:
Michigan Wolverines – it was a shame that the Wolverines missed out on prospect Donovan Clingan, but they’re already looking for another four-star center prospect, Tarris Reed. Right now, it’s a case of maintaining (and recruiting) the right talent following on from Dug McDaniel committing to the team. However, with head coach Juwan Howard continuing for his third year and a top program within the university, it’s no wonder they’re leading the Big Ten conference. And who knows how well they’ll do in the NCAA championships.
Kentucky Wildcats – bookies have put the Wildcats at odds of 20/1 to win the NCAA championship. Perhaps since the Bulldogs’ defeat, other teams have been boldened and instilled with confidence that they have a chance of making it to the final and of taking the crown. Kentucky has been improving its roster, bringing in fresh players and shooters that are more than competent from the three-point range. The team also has eyes on hot prospect Jalen Duren. But the Wildcats also have experience on their side, with the head coach and some older players, which is the perfect combination to help with success.
Villanova Wildcats – in his 21st year of coaching, Jay Wright looks forward to another season with Villanova. It’s a year with inspired confidence too, when Collin Gillespie and Jermaine Samuels said they’d be returning for a fifth year. Straightaway that helped improve the odds of the Wildcats winning the NCAA Championship (though still nowhere near the favored odds of the Bulldogs). When Gillespie was injured earlier in the season, it put a massive dampener on the team and saw bookies slash the odds for the Wildcats. Fast forward now to a healthy Gillespie, and the odds have turned on their heads.
Despite all of these teams in contention for the NCAA Championship, the odds are still strongly favoring the Bulldogs. But like any sport, as was evidenced in last year’s final, you can never tell what will happen. It’s going to be an exciting season, and the championship final will be even better.