Top Basketball Podcasts for Women

Are Woman Basketball Podcasts Popular?

Who said that basketball is only for men? Women all over the world also like this sports game and even want to know the recent news. If you are one of them, then the top basketball podcasts for women that are worth your attention in 2021 will provide you with great sources of interesting information. Following the basketball podcasts, you can widen your horizons, stay in touch with a basketball community, and learn recent news.


10 Best Woman Basketball Podcasts

With a variety of different podcasts, it may be a real challenge to find trustworthy, interesting, and engaging podcasts. Still, if you want to pick up the best information that you can transcribe with professional transcriptions services and get a ready text material, then this list will be of great help to you:


1.         Women’s Basketball Worldwide

This podcast presents three episodes per year and contains very interesting information from all over the world. The hosts with special guests cover FIBA, WNBA, and other international competitions. Among the guests, you can see coaches and outstanding players who are passionate about basketball and are ready to share all emotions, energy, and knowledge with the female fans. Here you will feel comfortable, and in the case you didn’t catch a specific word, professional human transcribers can help you.


2.         WNBA Nation

If you want to know all news and other related information to WNBA, then you surely should pay attention to this podcast. It highlights the most popular and significant events. The hosts present three episodes per week. By subscribing to this podcast, you will be aware of everything that happens to your favorite teams and players.


3.         Locked On Women’s Basketball

Aren’t three episodes per week or year enough for you? Then Locked On Women’s Basketball will appeal to you for sure. This podcast presents episodes every day that makes it the only daily podcast that covers women's basketball all over the world. Everybody can feel free to join experienced hosts and participate in discussions of women’s hoops. Enjoy engaging content with professional presenters, and do not miss any interesting sensation.


4.         Inside Pac-12 Women’s Basketball

Do you want to keep up with the recent news in the basketball world? Experienced hosts Mary Murphy and Ashley Adamson encourage you to participate in interesting discussions. It’s a real pleasure to listen to untold stories about favorite teams and look at the same things from different angles. With Inside Pac-12 Women’s Basketball, you are guaranteed to have a deep dive into the women's basketball world. Moreover, a reliable transcription company will make your leisure time more comfortable.


5.           The Jump Around with Blake DuDonis

The host of this popular podcast is a current coach of the women's basketball team, Black DuDonis. The episodes appear 5 times per year and catch the fan’s attention with the first word. The coach is talking with different people around the world that makes each episode engaging and interesting. The content and its background are impressive. There is no doubt that you will find out something that you have not had an idea about.


6.         Pistol Shrimps Radio

The hosts of this podcast are Mark McConville and Matt Gourley. They present three episodes per year, but you can download them at any convenient time. The hosts are energetic, inspired and feel glad to share unknown information about the women's basketball world. If you are looking for some entertaining podcasts, then consider this one. A good podcast transcribing company will manage to render the audio from Pistol Shrimps Radio into text for you.


7.         The Her Hoop Stats Podcast | WNBA & Women's College Basketball

Since 2019 John Liddle, a fan and a broadcaster of women's basketball, presents three episodes of podcast per week. He talks with the most outstanding names in the basketball world, and these discussions are so lively, interesting, and engaging that you want to listen to them again and again.


8.         Big Ten Women’s Basketball Podcast

Big Ten Network produces this podcast. Here you can find a lot of relevant information, including features, basketball interviews, and different highlights. The style is quite friendly and relaxing, so you can have a good time while discovering something new about your favorite sports game.


9.          Across The Pond: WNBA Podcast

This podcast introduces trustworthy and recent information about the WNBA. The hosts James Scott (UK) and Michelle Snow (US) are sharing significant stories from the women's national basketball association. As a result, you stay connected with the same-minded people who love basketball as much as you do. Shared stories are just exciting, and even if you lose logic and want to understand everything from A to Z, then professional transcriptionists can help you for sure.


10.           Double W

The podcast hosts are Samantha Allen and Laurel Powell. They invite different guests and start a passionate discussion of women’s hoops, different sports events, basketball culture, and much more. As a result, you feel like you have been an active participant in the conversation and look forward to the next episode.

Last Thoughts

As you can see, the variety of dedicated podcasts is just impressive. You will never know for sure which one can totally meet your expectations until you try. In any case, a lot depends on the host, so pay enough attention to the presenter. We tried to mention the most popular women basketball podcasts not to make your choice challenging. All of them present unique and interesting content. Audio transcription is a great option to save all information that you have heard on your favorite women's basketball podcasts. If you do not want to miss any important detail and know all the recent news, then approach a professional human transcription service and place an order.